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Hey everyone, i find this video is a lot easier to listen to if you bump the speed up to 1.25. Trust me.
even 1.5 to be honest..
Question Author
I'm unable to listen to your video just now, does it contain categorical proof of Aaron's bullying and the reason for it?

Nothing was uncovered at the time.
Theland you're flooding yourself with far right propaganda. Try find an unbiased source, or just try listening to some far left propaganda at the same time?
Also theland, in the first vid, about the syrian boy with a water bottle, muslims gathered around that school

In aarons instance.. it was neo-Nazis outside the school.
Question Author
Yes never let us white folk be offended.
The Stephen Lawrence murder was callous and horrible and racist, and Windrush was an absolutely appalling unjust series of events affecting good loyal British citizens.
But hey! There are many murders, and many denials of natural justice.
Should we white people hate ourselves so much that we elevate murder victim relatives to nobility, and call for national remembrance days for one and all?
What next? Grenfell day? Hillsborough Day? Senseless Stabbing Day? 5/5 Day? Manchester Arena Day?
Are we ashamed of being white in our own white country? Must we carry the implied weight of white guilt forever, placating black victims in perpetuity?
I am not ashamed of who I am nor of how I am horrified by murders,bombings,fires,kidnapping,bullying etc etc of anyone.
Oh Theland :(
Perhaps you should stick to secret numbers in the Bible and creationism?
Question Author
All of our communities have problems. The English way is stiff upper lip and knuckle down.,
The ethnics demand bells and whistles and riots to mark their grief. Even titles. And memorial days.
My family just always got on with it, like many other ABers.
Can't be doing with ranting, if you want your guilt then take it - I shan't.
Which particular memorial days do you mean?
Perhaps if you carried out more diligent research and stopped posting articles generated solely to inflame a particular section of the public, you would get responses more to your liking?

I can't see that anyone has managed to stop you (white person) being offended about a whole raft of things including things which have never actually happened.

You really don't have the monopoly on worry and concern about the state of affairs in the world and need to a) stop playing the martyr, and b) insulting anyone else not seeing the world to your own narrow(ing) mindset.

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