It.s Not Mother's Day

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follyfancier | 10:59 Tue 19th Mar 2019 | Society & Culture
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why does everyone insist on calling it Mother's Day now, it is MOTHERING SUNDAY
the day when everyone used to go and visit their Mother Church
when I was a child we picked a bunch of wild flowers and laid then under the altar when we went into the church, then at the end of the service we collected them and gave them to our Mother
you certainly didn,t have to go and buy a card and a present


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That's a lovely idea if you are a Christian but if you're not then your mother wouldn't receive a lovely bunch of flowers, so 'Mother's Day' is more inclusive for those of us who are not Christian, and it doesn't hurt anyone it's now just a day when you show appreciation of your mother and grandmother (and indeed any other woman who has been formative in your upbringing). I personally can't see the harm.
It's been called mother's day for as long as I can remember.
And I don't do cards or presents. My kids would usually do the housework and make me something to eat.
It doesn't matter what it's called. It's the thought that counts.
Mothering Sunday is also the day Christian families bake their simnel cake in readiness for Easter.
My house will smell lovely this afternoon :)
We used to make cards and random stuff for our Mum and flowers etc or occasionally buy something small and meaningful to her and us, it doesn't have to be a commercial cash fest and as Naomi says it's the thought that counts. x
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I had forgotten about the Simnel cake ,I always used to make one
I am now 65 and always made my mum a card from the time I was old enough (about age 4) until she died 9 years ago
^ true follyfancier, but VERY few people go to church now.
'Mothers Day' is the 2nd most profitable time for card / gift producers after Christmas ! So 'Mothers Day' is the profitable commercial name!
'Mothers day' is 9 months after 'Fathers Night !'

// when I was a child we picked a bunch of wild flowers //

Most wild flowers are growing on someones property, so picking them surely counts as theft?
Beat me to that Balders. It is indeed classified as section 1 Theft 1968.

Thanks for confirming it Retro.
Yes but kids don't usually know that!

True, but I suspect most parents do.
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I am talking about the 1940s and 50s there were lots of primroses and violets down the country lanes where we lived and in our own garden

If they weren't from your own garden, then they've come from someone elses' property.
You cannot pick the wild flowers growing in country lanes.
Yes, Baldric, although I didn't get told off for picking flowers my mum did explain that it was wrong.
There is nothing offensive about a home made card, bunch of tulips or a chocolate orange, tea and toast in bed for mom, we've always done this in our family.

We also go to the mother church for the Mothering Sunday service. As we were all Christened at different churches we choose to visit the 'mother church' of our parish - Worcester Cathedral.

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It.s Not Mother's Day

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