Helping – Or Not - With The Rainbow Charity Quiz

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naomi24 | 10:27 Mon 18th Mar 2019 | Society & Culture
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I’ve noticed for years and have sometimes commented on the reluctance/refusal of some here to help others with the superb twice-yearly Rainbow Charity Quiz, questions on which are regularly met with replies like, “There’s plenty of time left”, or “Please don’t ask for help yet” – responses that are off-putting to those seeking help and hence, detrimental to the AnswerBank. Curiously these negative replies appear, in the main, to surface only with questions on this particular quiz which carries a first prize of £50 and a few runner-up prizes of £10, so hardly life changing amounts – and the answer sheet always comes with a very long list of people who have achieved 100% but won nothing – so what is it all about? I understand that some quizzers prefer the finished product to be ‘all their own work’, as I do, but in that case threads that are potential spoilers can easily be avoided – no one is forced to open them - so this perceived ‘ownership’ of the quiz, usually by the same people over and over again, seems to me to be less than charitable.

Since this is a question and answer site, in my opinion anyone should be free to ask whatever questions they want to ask without criticism or censure. Can anyone explain it?

I’ve posted this here rather than in ‘Puzzles’ in order that non-quizzers may also express their thoughts – and if anyone wants to have a go at the quiz which raises a lot of money for charity, it’s here:



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Naomi, I completely agree with everything you're saying. Our stance at AB has always been to allow people to ask any quiz questions they want to - the only rules we enforce are the AB rules, not the rules of quiz setters.
12:35 Fri 05th Apr 2019
I saw the ed say something on a quiz thread once about how even if the setter says no to askin for help, it's not against AB rules at all to ask for help, but having a go at those who are asking for help, are in themselfs in the wrong and going against Site Rules
Totally agree.
seems futile to me criticising people for asking questions on ab when they can just google the question elsewhere
OK i've tried to find what the ed said but can't maybe baldric can he seems to be good at resurfacing content from years ago to enlighten the situation.
I quite enjoy answering the occasional quiz question. and am not at all bothered by people asking for help....I won't help with homework though unless the asker has made some effort themselves.
Question Author
//even if the setter says no to askin for help//

The setters don't say that with this quiz.
Found it, maybe this is beneficial to your thread Naomi
Question Author
Woofgang, I dislike those who ask homework questions being told to do their own. It’s not up to anyone here to decide which questions people may ask and it’s not up to anyone here to tell them not to ask either. If people don’t want to answer they should just ignore the question.
Question Author
Thank you Spath.
The homework ones are not that frequent and so long as they are only asking for pointers I dont mind at all. If they ask for 500 words on a subject I will suggest they might need to find alternative routes although I will still suggest content.
I have stopped doing crosswords and quizzes as they are simply Google search tests now. Even local quiz nights have been ruined by smartphones.
Dave lived the Sunday crosswords but even be got frustrated that people just googled...
Rowan //I have stopped doing crosswords and quizzes as they are simply Google search tests now//
I think most cruciverbalists only ask for help when they are stuck.Is it really any different from consulting a reference book?
I tend not to do quizzes unless it's ' all my own work' because I can't see the point in cribbing all the answers off other people, but I think it's reasonable for other people to ask for help particularly if they are stuck on one or two and this is a Q&A site after all.
Homework questions I don't mind either as long as, as Rowan says, they don't demand you actually write it out word for word with them. what's the difference between a kid asking here and someone asking their Mum back in the day- absolutely nothing except here you have a wealth of knowledge of several thousand people. I think that's totally acceptable.
I agree with Calicogirl and Rowan....and that was the point that I was making....helping is one thing, but when someone baldly posts just the homework question without even a please or thank you, then I think they do benefit from a reminder that we are human on here, that manners cost nothing and that the intention is that they should be learning to research and study as well as be learning about the subject of the homework.
The problem is that some people are (a) lazy and (b) have no moral scruples. There used to be an excellent monthly postal quiz (which lasted until the sad death of the setter) where entrants were specifically asked by the setter to refrain from posting on this site and others similar. A minority of entrants ignored this request which was more than irritating for people who were trying to do the thing via their own efforts.
Surely I can't be the only one who prefers to finish a quiz or crossword all by myself but am often kept awake by that elusive answer that is just on the tip of my tongue.
It's not laziness that compels me to seek help, but a desperate attempt to keep my sanity.

I have no problem using this site for the answers and enjoy pondering over the questions
Question Author
diddlydo, // The problem is that some people are (a) lazy and (b) have no moral scruples.//

Why does that cause you a problem? It doesn't prevent you from doing the puzzle in whichever way you choose.
Totally agree, Naomi. Both with quizzes and with homework. This is an answer site and it doesn't break any rules.
I used to order quizzes from questions I had seen on here, but was put off by spouse, Chorley and various passive aggressive posts suggesting that ABers had "plenty of time"... as if anyone could know that.
I think the idea is- raising money for charity, publicising the quizzes and just having some fun with them- all of which AB helps.
It is good that you have addressed it directly and hopefully the Ed might answer, as otherwise, a usually friendly, uncontroversial section ends up with narky comments on most threads. I agree that giving the quiz details is good, as long as they aren't demanded throughout the thread.
Question Author
Pixie, Apparently the Editor has commented on this previously. See Spath's link at 09:47.
The Editor ( different ones) has commented often through the years.

It's a never ending spiral of a topic.

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