Multiculturalism And Diversity

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Theland | 02:59 Thu 21st Feb 2019 | Society & Culture
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We have been told for years that multiculturalism and diversity enriches us.

Simple question - How?


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09:42 Thu 21st Feb 2019
Could have sworn he was dead.

But here he is again.

Barely three hours have passed, far less three days.
PS: my remark was flippant and irrelevant. Nonetheless it will make better sense than any of the replies you may get defending the nonsense propositions.
Question Author
Just remembered - we got curry.
And, Chinese takeaway, and thai, greek, polish, afro Caribbean,and mongolian.....Tex mex, and that's just the food. We have art, and dance, music, and busdrivers, a taxi when we want and lovely neighbours .....oh go back to being dead for five minutes while I think of a few more.
There's also Irish food and dance, and culture.
True, forgot the green people, I suppose we need to include the Scots and Welsh too. And the aussies,
Mc Donalds, Kentucky Fried, Coke-a-cola, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, caps worn backwards, pants worn below the bum, Ghetto Rap music.

Feeling enriched yet?
Yes Rowan, without us you wouldn't have Fosters ;-)
Couldn't give up Pepsi max.... And we need something to laugh about the pharmacy open til late when you run out of headache pills, or the off licence\ shop where you can get beer and something to snack on if you want to get a headache.
Oh well that would make you a negative if it wasn't offset by some of your wine
Petrol station shops have all that!
not near me, we have a couple of Asian run shops who are really an asset to our community. And the pharmacy deliver.
Oingo Boingo -
A Chinese take-away doth not multi culture make.
The Eastern Europeans who clean my car do a pretty good job.
Wish more Eastern Europeans lived down under.

Wouldn't have to wash my own car, but, with the water restrictions I live with the car rarely gets washed anyway.
we're not really a multicultural society, we only pick at it.

if we were truly multicultural, for every curry house, for every "world music" album, for every Albanian car washer, there'd be female circumcision, honour killings, strict gender separation, etc.
Simple answer it does not. It was a trendy wendy 'look at me wearing my bleeding liberal heart on my sleeve' scheme for excusing and hiding ghetto culture.
I believe in the concept of diversity and multi-culturalism, but sadly it was, is, and remains a nonsensical dream held by rich socialists who tell each other how much they love it, because sitting round their Islington dining tables, they don't have to live with it.

In theory, everyone lives together, exchanging cultural positives and embracing differences.

Here in the real world, minorities are ghettoised, their differences are disliked and / or feared by the indigenous population and they regard each other with suspicion and resentment.

Immigrants put an unacceptable strain on alrady underfunded national resources such health and education, and their extremist minorities fuel racism and right-wing violence.

In truth therefore, we have lost far more than we have gained from Tony Blair's crazy dreams, which were only ever routed in the hard reality that he expected immigrants to demonstrate their appreciation by voting Labour at every election.

Of course, Tony has tefloned away on the cushion of his property empire and the ludicrous regard in which is opinions are valued anywhere else in the world except here.

Blair has a lot to answer for in the problems he has left behind.

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Multiculturalism And Diversity

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