Through The Ages

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spathiphyllum | 18:03 Tue 19th Feb 2019 | Society & Culture
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What goes around.. Comes back around

It will be 2020 next year... Imagine the styles we could bring back

What era do you love? Everyone i know has a fond memory of a now past era..

For me it has to be the 90's , mainly for style and music. Also i don't really remember the 80's.. lol apparently if ya did you weren't there ;)


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70s. Not for the style though - it's got to be one of the worst decades for fashion.
//Also i don't really remember the 80's.. lol apparently if ya did you weren't there //

I think that was said of the 60s, not the 80s.
For me it was the 50s the music the dances we went to ,the good beer 1/3pence a pint, and best of all married my wife 1959.
bohemian rap
very good evocation of the late sixties and seventies

time of full employment - - and decent difft styles
50s a more innocent time. People had time for each other. Morals were more abundant. 60s sarcastic tv began showing blatant disrespect for authority. Cop soaps etc. Slippery slope.
I love the 40s and 50s fashions for the over 30s, the 60s fashions for the pretty young things and the 70s for the creatively inclined.
60's and 70's for me, cos I was young! Unlike 237 though, I loved the 70's fashions, not too keen on the 80's fashions though, looking back ..
4 of us bought Drape suits after seeing Billy Daniels open weaver to wearer clothes shop in Edinburgh the colour was hideous
They were Pacific Blue
1970s - punks, glam rockers, disco flares, jeans and cheesecloth, hippies, mods and teds were still around, skinheads and doc martens, heavy metal rockers. You could be any which way you liked.

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Through The Ages

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