Is Meghan Playing With Fire?

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naomi24 | 10:24 Fri 15th Feb 2019 | Society & Culture
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Royal photographer, Arthur Edwards, writes, // Meghan Markle, lighten up. You’re not the new Princess Diana and it’s time you and Prince Harry ended this phoney media war”. He goes on to say, “the biggest invasion of her privacy was triggered by Meghan herself, after she gave consent to friends to talk to People magazine in America last week about the awful relationship she has with her dad”.

Following her wedding, Meghan wrote to her father telling him how heartbroken she is by the situation that exists between them and gave her friends permission to discuss that with the media. Knowing full well that he and the rest of her dreadful family are loose cannon, the question must be why would she do that? Was that wise – or is it a case of you can take the actress out of Hollywood but …… ?

I fear this will end badly. Your thoughts?


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//...she simply does not have what it takes to fit in with "the firm" and to play by their rules....she needs to take a few lessons from Kate.... //

Anyone would think that it requires some super human endeavour and skill , to fit in with the ' firm ' , which the poor 'commoner' Meghan does not have nor is capable of achieving ; but which Kate has .
Which of course is rubbish - kate has been told what to do and she is doing it , like a good little girl .

On the other hand Meghan has also been told what to do and has the 'balls ' not to obey .
There are 'no special qualities' required to be a Royal ; apart from the willingness to obey

She could finish up like Fergie ostresised from the firm,
Divorced from Harry,and back to the land of the free and home of the brave.
I'm getting fed-up of all the coverage of her.
She has big shiny teeth. (Caps), wish I did!

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Is Meghan Playing With Fire?

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