What Does The American Dream Mean To You?

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Nameless14 | 16:13 Tue 12th Feb 2019 | Society & Culture
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Is it a house with a white picket fence? Lavish wealth? A life better than your parents’? Do you think you will be able to achieve the American dream? Do you think your own dreams are different from those of your parents at your age? Your grandparents? Do you believe your family has achieved, or is on the way to achieving, the American dream? Why or why not? Do you think you will be able to achieve the American dream when you are older? What leads you to believe this? Do you think the American dream is available to all Americans or are there boundaries and obstacles for some? If yes, what are they? Is the American dream a useful concept? Is it helpful in measuring our own or our country’s health and success? Do you believe it is, or has ever been, an ideal worth striving for? Is there any drawback to continuing to use the concept even as its meaning evolves?


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That's a very American-centred question - or rather, seventeen questions.
Is this your homework ?
Always a question from this person never any comments themselves, presume they are in the States whereas this a UK based site
I could never live in the US so I don't think I can really describe what it would mean to me.
What is “ The American Dream” lived there, worked there. Found it very insular and inward looking. The majority of Americans supposedly do not have a passport. However made some very good friends amongst my co workers, mainly nurses. Do still visit them but would not go back to live there. Racist issues are still present especially in the southern states
It means nothing at all to me. I'm not American.
.... most of all , what do YOU think Nameless??

/// Do you think you will be able to achieve the American dream? ///

Why would I care? I am UK based, I have done ok and really don't give a monkey's about the American Dream.
Nightmare if you live in Californayay. Forest fires, vineyard fires, almond grove fires, drought. But you do finally get that this is U K site?
This is my idea of The American Dream and much as I loved Jonathan Pryce in the role this guy does it for me......and what a story..... :-)

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You'd have to write a novel to answer that Nameless :/
pipe dream, grass is always greener on the other side...
The way they treat black folks. America is racist. There is no American dream for them.
Do they still ride through mansions of glory in suicide machines?
we're all in the United Kingdom !
none of us really know the answer

should nameless be renamed brainless ?
"The way they treat black folks. America is racist. There is no American dream for them."

What an awful generalisation. I suspect the number of folk you are referring to is in the minority actually especially in the North.

I lived and worked a short while in NYC. It's a toilet so I'm guessing the dream would be to get out of there ASAP.
Oi I live in NYC, some of the time I'm over here and it most certainly isn't a toilet, it's different to Chipping Norton but it's still not a toilet, and I can think of plenty of other places I'd rather not live.
To me......the American Dream is a meritocracy......from whatever race or social background, hard work and disciple will reap social and financial success.
I admire the American way of life and indeed most of the Americans that i have met.
Perhaps you are in different place to me. You seem a nice girl so I doubt you go in the sort of bars I go in :-)

For the record IMHO I think all cities are toilets. And no I dont live in Chipping Norton, I live in Bournemouth.

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What Does The American Dream Mean To You?

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