How Come So Many Of My Guy Friends Develop Feelings For Me?

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WondersOfWonders | 02:39 Mon 07th Jan 2019 | Society & Culture
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First of let me start by apologizing if this is in the wrong catogory or if I'm about to sound vain and selfabsorbed.

I really freaking enjoy having guys as friends, they're the people who I most often meet through common interests and it's always a blast to have them around. Sadly our friendships almost always ends because they develop feelings for me and whenever I let them down (fairly nicely but strict because I don't want to lead them on) they no longer want to be around me.

Not only does it destroy our friendships but it sometimes destroy groups of friends because two of them happen to like me at the same time (Yep...true story. It was honestly one of the worst things ever :/ )

Why does this keep happening? Is there anyway I can prevent this or at least not damage our friendship too much?

Also before anyone asks, I'm not flirting with this guys, just being friendly.


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Find some girls to hang around instead ... Us guys always pick up the wrong signals thinking girls are interested in them if you pay any attention to them..Just the way we are wired I guess...
I have lots of male friends and I don't find that too often tbh, do you mind me asking how old these guys are because if it's just that they're teens or early 20's then Feebletoes is probably bang on the money, they haven't had enough practice yet to be able to read signals well, whereas most people I mix with are older than me and don't assume I want to leap into bed with their irresistible selves. Just be friendly, nice, pleasant and try to stay on good platonic terms is all you can do x
How Come So Many Of My Guy Friends Develop Feelings For Me?

Exactly why I don't hang around with women.
It seems from what you say that you are sending out the wrong signals, not deliberately, I hasten to add!

I'm guessing you're all teenagers? In which case you are all learning! Let them down gently. Let them know you are looking for friendship, not romance. Until you meet Mr. Right, that is!
I think there are two obvious answers, Wonders. One is that they fancy you because you're a good-looking and engaging girl, and the other is that they feel sorry for you because they think you're a hypochondriac.
Oh dear. Hyperchondriac.
No, no. Stet. Back to Benedict, Brexit and Bacardi.

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How Come So Many Of My Guy Friends Develop Feelings For Me?

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