Do You Think That Humans Will Still Live In Cities 100 Years From Now?

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Nameless14 | 16:53 Fri 28th Dec 2018 | Society & Culture
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If so, how do you think cities will change in the future? If not, why not? Explain.


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Do you? Explain.
yes because everything will become a city there will be no village
I suggest we all wait for Answerless14 to explain and only comment thereafter?
No, the exorbitant price of plums will drive the city dwellers out into the countryside where they will fight battles for their tree, pitch little tents underneath and enjoy picking their own all year round like the triumphant warriors they are.
Tell you what, it'll be a brave man that grabs my plums.
I think we'll all have illuminated tags in our hands.

They remain one colour until people approach the age of 30, at which time they go red, and become an indicator that the individual will have to commit suicide, in order to prevent over-population.

Eventually, the population will rebel against this tyrannical control mechanism and a few individuals will make a bid for freedom to the plum orchards of the world where they will build peace, based on a diet of plums, damsons and peaches and live into old age.

with apologies to the 1967 novel, Logan's Run.
douglas - you won't mind women grabbing them then?
One could see the rise of a matriachal society if the fruit-based thing take hold.
Yes. Not a lot. Because I'm a time traveller from over a hundred years hence.

I have a special broomstick so I go wherever and whenever I like. Zoom!
Is it not the sequel 'Logan's Plum' IJKLM?
oh dear.....
100 years from now the human race will be extinct.
yeah this is like Travelers on Netflix
wiv Nameless the Director !

which I rrecommend - the other one being How to get away with murder ....
-- answer removed --
I seem to recall some years ago, the Astronomer Royal at the time, Martin Rees, wrote a full page article in The Sunday Times in which he said the human race would be extinct by the year 2100. I've seen him on TV recently and he seems to have changed his mind. Poor chap.
Word is that Logan's Run is more prune than plum related
Slogan's Plum 2 - Revenge of the prune
Keeps you going until you die

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Do You Think That Humans Will Still Live In Cities 100 Years From Now?

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