Have You Ever Had A Long Haul Flight Ruined By A Small Child Making Ear Piercing Demonic Monkey Noises/throwing A Tantrum Throughout Much Of It?

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Nameless14 | 16:06 Fri 28th Dec 2018 | Society & Culture
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How did it made you feel?


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Why do you ask?
I felt wonderful. There were times when I even joined in with a few monkey noises of my own!! It was exhilarating.
Sorry if I spoiled your flight, I had my fingers caught in the overhead locker.
Yes Nameless but I didn't hold it against you flower x

Small children often scream when in pain.

On aeroplanes this can be caused by pressure changes in the cabin giving pain the ear canals.

I've sat next to some delightful families with young children who have screamed through a lot of the flight. The parents have (in all cases) sought to calm their children and been mortified that a business-looking chap sitting next to them is being disturbed by the noise.

A smile to the cabin crew; with more smiles to the harassed parents usually makes things a lot more pleasant (not to mention the odd bit of special treatment from the crew).

That, and a high-quality pair of noise cancelling headphones :)
Lots of long haul flights but no demonic children.
We always flew First no.
like I wanted more children
it is what they do .... ( make a noise)
Was there not a clue in the airline name, Omenair?

My real answer is yes.
I suggest we all wait for Answerless14 to give his opinion and only comment thereafter?
No Thank God!

I know children can't help 'voicing' their displeasure when in discomfort, but I''ll admit it would annoy me, and on a long haul flight thay'd quickly get on my nerves.
and what is your experience of demonic children screaming manaically Nameless? I think it is time you shared as we have done your homework for a very long time..if we aren't doing your homework why are you asking all these daft questions?? Oh I are unable to answer it time to diccuss your disability with a doctor?
Why are we being rude?

Yes, they might be homework questions (which isn't against the rules to ask) and he/she might not respond to the replies they get (which again, isn't against the Site Rules, but YOU have a choice whether to reply or not.

If you can't give civil responses, please don't bother at all.
No I can’t say I have.
If I thought it was 'homework', I'd either help or ignore as I felt fit.

But this isn't - it's someone (possibly a student, possibly a troll) using for their own purposes and not even having the courtesy to reply to their own threads - which is acceptable occasionally, but very rude when it becomes their default modus operandi.
AS I said SD, their reasons for posting these questions aren't our business. What is our business is how we respond to them, which as we abide by the Site Rules should be civil at the very least. If you, or anyone else can't do that please refrain from responding at all. If you think they are against the site sites, report as you see fit.
Sqad do airlines not let children fly first class?
I believe that 'civility' does not preclude :

1. Alerting people to the fact that their goodwill is being exploited

2. Mild leg-pulling when the same poster asks yet another hypothetical question, with no likelihood of any explanatory input from said poster.
Fine SD, but be warned, I will remove any further snarky replies i see :-)
yes and I loved every minute of it, in fact I asked what flight they were returning on so I could do it again.

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Have You Ever Had A Long Haul Flight Ruined By A Small Child Making Ear Piercing Demonic Monkey Noises/throwing A Tantrum Throughout Much Of It?

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