Have You Ever Had A Long Haul Flight Ruined By A Small Child Making Ear Piercing Demonic Monkey Noises/throwing A Tantrum Throughout Much Of It?

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Nameless14 | 15:06 Fri 28th Dec 2018 | Society & Culture
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How did it made you feel?


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Hi, my bag I always have a little paper bag containing a hand puppet and a small notepad and crayons.
Wherever I am if a child is having a tantrum I give him or her the bag to keep them amused.....a flight.,...a restaurant....
That's becoming more difficult these days....stranger aware you know.....

Do you think, Nameless that I should continue or give up my good deed?
Yes I have had plenty of flights (of all durations) absolutely ruined by unruly children (whose behaviour was nothing to do with eardrum problems or the like as they were old enough to make themselves understood if they had any problems). There should be a strict lower age limit on children flying. It would be calculated using the formula (10 + flight duration in hours). So a one hour flight could not be undertaken by children under 11 years old. A 10 hour flight would see the lower age limit raised to 20 . A twenty four hour flight to the Antipodes could not carry anybody under 34. This means a typical three hour flight to, say Greece, would not see any children under 13 aboard. This would have the added advantage of seeing younger pi55heads confined to the UK until they can learn to behave themselves on an aircraft. As well as that, the Department of Education should station officials at check-in desks and children travelling during term time would be denied boarding unless they had a certificate authorising their absence from school signed by their Head Teacher. This would concentrate parents' minds far more than the paltry sixty quid fine currently imposed.

"Sqad do airlines not let children fly first class?"

Yes they do. Unfortunately the little darlings' parents prefer to be untroubled by their antics and so make their brats travel steerage, usually accompanied by a hapless minder of some sort (whom they prefer to term "nanny"). This means the parents travel in peace and quiet whilst the poor people up the back of the aircraft suffer.
So only moaning old duffers can fly anywhere? Oh NJ you are a card! :/
yeah and now they have intelligent oxygen masks so that when they drop - there is none near a screaming kid !

has Boo just confessed to being the random mass-deleter?
or not of unruly kids I hasten to add
Seems she's happy to swing the sword Pete and doesn't mind who knows it. Worked out well for Vlad the Impaler...oh wait...
No TG. I won't ever now as I cannot travel but pity the public who have to with such goings on.
hi Kval - how are things in the Catskills or blue ridge mountains ?
sort of quiet and wet oop here in the North
So, apart from that, NJ, everything's fine?
"So only moaning old duffers can fly anywhere?"

And me, of course! :-)

"So, apart from that, NJ, everything's fine?"

Oh no, 10CS. There's more. Much much more. But I won't spoil you all by providing it all at once. I'll save some for another day :-)

I'm in sunny Herefordshire at the moment Pete, and it's predictably not er sunny :)
Well KVA at least you can have free shower if you are so inclined? X
Oh well......I thought Nameless might just answer me.....we mostly answer each other on AB..... :-(
Noise cancelling headphones. The solution.
"Noise cancelling headphones. The solution."

Unfortunately, Zacs, they afford little protection against bread rolls being tossed around the cabin or "little treasures" fighting each other in the row in front or behind you.
I've had a flight ruined by someone constantly asking me questions, but not responding to any of my answers
True, NJ but that’s not really what the OP was about.
Don't appreciate the op ers questions, don't reply .......simple :-)
I think "throwing a tantrum" probably covers it.
Now your demonic monkey wouldn't throw the bun , he'd eat it.
I equate ‘throwing a tantrum’ more with volume than actions.

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Have You Ever Had A Long Haul Flight Ruined By A Small Child Making Ear Piercing Demonic Monkey Noises/throwing A Tantrum Throughout Much Of It?

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