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I can't tell you, my other self doesn't like me telling tales.
What do you think Nameless?
I couldn't say. Nor can he. What? Who said that?
Yeah I'm really Anne Asquith *Chortlesplutters*
There are a few 'people' on here who are the same person.
There's certainly a lot of 'reincarnation' as well Darcey :) x
Oh yes!
Actually to answer your question nameless, i do sort of have an alter ego.

if im in a situation where i need a bit of extra confidence, like the other day when i had to take something back to the shop, which i hate doing, i always wear my driving glasses, dont know why the glasses give me confidence but they do, mad isnt it?
I feel IMO everyone has but in some it's not developed. Like appears her glasses give her a different persona and I'm sure there many others who can 'change' the way they act under different circumstances. I also feel that people who tend towards the extrovert do this more and those who are held back are IMO more likely to be tied down to a timid nature. Just an observation.
Yes,e.g many people at home show a different persona to the one they show at work.
Just me, and Batman.
I have a home head, a work head, a brother head, and a husband head.
Misread that as Brothelhead David, think I've splashed my specs.
I’m Real Ale man. Anytime there’s a crisis, you’ll find me in a Cask Approved pub.
Hope your specs are clean Lynne xx
Way to go Zacs!
Mamya, as if I would:)

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