Have You Ever Experienced Mind Control (Either On The Giving Or The Receiving End)?

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Nameless14 | 16:58 Wed 26th Dec 2018 | Society & Culture
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Would you want to? Why?


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No and No. Rochers have complete control over my free will !
mind control - on AB ? who by ?
are you having another laugh?
Yes, moments before I was born I exercised it over my twin brother and he stood aside and let me out first.
MM can understand that....awful innit..... Look into my eyes, my eyes...give me your Ferror into my eyes.....
Define mind control.
Politicians try it on the masses all the time.
Powerful commercial concerns do too.
Yes when my wife gives me that certain look.
Minty does chocolate have complete control, what would mars bar do?
Yes, I control my mind every day.
to qualify..I must have been hypnotized tonight, as I realise that next to me is an empty Ferrero Rocher box...I have no memory of eating them....must brush my teeth, those wee nutty bits get in all the we crevices !
Sounds like you've been inserting them into the wrong end.
Have you, nameless? Explain.

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Have You Ever Experienced Mind Control (Either On The Giving Or The Receiving End)?

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