Should We Be Fining The Homeless?

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anthro-nerd | 09:43 Mon 21st May 2018 | Society & Culture
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Sorry, but how does fining someone £1,000 for begging solve the problem of homelessness? These people need support, not criminalisation!


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No...and in these cases I suspect the council would like to see the homeless leave the area rather than risk a fine or criminalisation. I also find it shocking that a city the size of Kettering has no hostels for rough sleepers. Statistics show that homelessness is going up...fining them will not solve the problem.
Obviously fining someone with nothing is pointless but sadly Councils have a balancing act - they receive complaints from people harassed and such and have to act.
This is sadly the quickest way for them.

Much more help needs to be found, not to patch up and ship out but to find solutions that will help people move on in their lives.
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Pasta, there was a shelter set up for the winter, which I volunteered at. Unfortunately it had to close at the end of March due to not having the funds for it to continue.

It's a serious problem and one I'd love to know the answer to!!
This must be a joke? Would imagine if you had a spare £1,000 lying around you wouldn't be sleeping on the streets - or is that too simplistic?

How do they expect someone living on the streets to pay a £1000. fine?
Daft idea.
We used to have a beggar in the city who kept getting arrested for lashing out with his crutch when people didn't give him money.He always had up to £50 on him.Not all beggars are genuine, some of them even live in their own home.
Well, in debtor's prison they get a roof over their heads and guaranteed meals, plus washing facilities and a bed. All for not having £1000. Bargain.
I would sooner fine that woman that ran through the wheatfield!
Nice one, Alice..... :-)
Do we still have debtors prisons? I thought they were a Victorian thing.
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It is very silly to fine a homeless person £1,000 - how are they supposed to pay ?? However on the other side of the coin, I know a couple who used to live in my street who regularly used to beg in town as being 'homeless' until the landlord realised what was going on and kicked them out! The hard part at times is knowing who is genuine and it is the genuine ones who have all my sympathy.
Not all beggars are homeless and as someone who has arrested quite a few of them I should know. We had regulars who had council flats, council houses and even private homes. Even going back a few years many of them were "earning" £200 - £300 per week, tax free of course, and still claiming benefits. Each time they were brought in the fines would get bigger but they usually managed to find the dosh. Most of them would get a taxi home after their shift. Genuine homeless people I do feel sorry for but a lot of them out there are just professional scroungers.

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Should We Be Fining The Homeless?

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