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No need to explain.
That beetroot, cheddar cheese and salad cream makes for a delicious sandwich.
Fairies. They live at the bottom of my garden. They always say hello when I pass.
I believe in fairies, Jack. I saw one once.
The possibility that real magic can be explained by quantum theory.

Is that weird enough for you.
Tilly I was married to one....
//The possibility that real magic can be explained by quantum theory//
There are some things that I *NEVER* talk about on here. That's ^ one of them.
We are all made of starburst after all
Star dust
Think you were correct the first time Rowan.
I believe in Opal Fruits ...
Then I am your God.
Well not so much believe in, Nameless......because I know that leprechauns, fairies and the Banshee exist......but here in the UK my friends do find that strange and unusual.....devoid of imagination, some folk... ;-)
I've seen loads of little people underneath the blackthorn bushes. That's where they live.
Beware of those living under the blackthorn, Tilly....they are the Lunantisidhe......very unfriendly fairies who hate humans.
We use Blackthorn for shillelaghs but only cut the wood at a full moon when the fairies go to pay homage to the moon goddess.....cutting at other times you will be cursed by the fairies...x
I've never spoken to them, Gness. I've seen them but I just pretend I haven't.

There's a few of 'em. :-)
They will be watching you, Tilly.....just go near at a full moon and you'll be fine....and if you want to cut any wood just wear your clothes inside out...that seems to confuse them....x
I truly believe that things like christmas lights and neatly rolled up wires really do knot themselves when away in the cupboard. I believe there is a mathematical theory that supports this.
Mental arithmetic.

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