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I believe that a really fresh hot cross bun, or at a push a really fresh currant bun is really delicious cut in half, buttered and filled with slices of cheddar cheese is the only way to eat it.
Knot theory
That Weetabix is best eaten with HOT not cold milk!
Talking of things that happen without your knowledge, I believe that coat hangers reproduce themselves overnight and become a proper nuisance in the wardrobe. I have to keep taking them out of the wardrobes and put them in the drawer under the bed. There are hundreds of them!
On that I believe teaspoons disappear into the ether when we aren't looking
...and singular socks.
Evolution of substance.... according to Terry Pratchett wire coathangers evolve into shopping trollies, they then trundle lemminglike into the nearest canal or pond to die. Socks evolve into trainers, pair up and tie their laces together and hang from telephone wires
What about biros? I am inundated with them.
Stop going to the bookies.
Cogito, ergo sum.
Better perhaps is

"Dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum".
Biros travel here from an alternative reality.... they are a flocking creature and feel safer in increasing numbers.
Coins breed - theyre in washing machine/dryer/pet food/boots/roads/radio/key box/soft furnishings/bed/loo - everywhere but in my purse.... lol
That crumpets are best with strawberry jam and Red Leicester cheese on top!
That's where all my biros have gone, Tilly. Do they get there via a one-way street, I wonder?
Sorry, we're going a bit chatterbank here.

My OH finds it odd that I ask the parking fairies to find me a space when I need one. They usually oblige.
That ancient astronauts visited earth in the distant past I think is a distinct possibility.
I believe in the Celestial Orbiting Teapot.
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that my glass is half full

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