Why Do So Many Men Want To Kill So Many Women ? (Just See The Headlines Every Day)

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atalanta | 21:31 Mon 19th Feb 2018 | Society & Culture
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Is it because they are fighting against some inferiority complex, and feel they must prove themselves to be manly and powerful by going in for murder ? Do they really, deep down, want to kill other men, but fear they might get hurt or killed in return, so women are easier prey and less likely to defend themselves ? Do some men have some terrible grievance against all women, or just their mothers, maybe, and want to wipe out as many as possible ? Do some men envy women their magic power - that of making new life within their own bodies, which in primitive times was worshipped - and want to take that power away from them ? Do some men just want to rape, and then get rid of the victim/witness ? Any more ideas ?


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There are probably as many reasons why people murder people than we could possibly list here - you can't really pin it down to one or just a few.
It'd be interesting to see some statistics on how many murders are done by men (probably the vast majority) and how many of these are on men and how many are on women. I suspect the majority of murders by men are on other men but it would be interesting to know.
But it's actually only a tiny fraction of men, who kill anyone never mind women, it's a slanted question. I could ask why are so many men wonderful fathers, which is also a slanted question? Now of the tiny amount of men who are murderers ( of either sex) who specifically target women, I would imagine but have no statistics to back it up, that most are related to domestic violence/ abusive relationships/ perceived relationship slights/ unrequited love/lust / jealousy etc often exacerbated by alcohol and substance abuse. I think the amount of men who are cold blooded misogynists who go out targeting random women amount to a fraction of one per cent.
The magic power, definitely.
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Agree with Douglas. It's about control and ultimate power. I lived with someone who turned out to be a control-freak (he turned psychotic and spent a long-ish time in a French psychriatric hospital). When I resisted control, things became physical and after being thrown across the room and forced to my knees with his hands around my throat (had bruises) I called the gendarmes. Thank goodness I did. Eventually, he would have killed me -I know that.

The exercise of power by inadequate individuals.
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I do agree with Kval.

But also of those killers, one has to look not only at the perpetrator profile, but also at the circumstances of the case. I'll bet there are a range of factors. From people who kill random strangers (Steve Wright who killed five girls in Ipswich for example) right across the board to people who kill their nearest and dearest.

So I am not sure one can attribute with any safety an answer as to "why" ie what motivated the killing.
All the stats show that the majority of serial killers are men.

That’s because a woman chooses to kill one man slowly over many years....
Maybe the men who wish to kill find more opportunity than the women who wish to kill. Or was this just a 'Let's denigrate men" thread ?
Honour killings amongst the rats let into this country must account for quite a few.
We should honour women, and cherish them. This crazy attitude by certain males, diminishes their humanity.
Murder used to be shocking headline news....sadly no longer
You are right, honour killings do account for a few deaths of women a year. 12 in fact.

Meanwhile homicides due to domestic violence there 432 killed, 73 per cent were female and 27 per cent were male.

While any honour killing is shameful, it is not a main factor in the overall death toll, and is certainly not the main cause of violence toward women by men.
drink and drugs account for some too.
How do you know any of the stories are true? Have you asked the Central Office of Information (COI) for a News Sheet on the topic? Have you made a request? What actual facts are at your finger tips? Ask for the precise numbers of killings (by whatever unit they use ie calendar year) broken down into men on men, women on women, women on men and men on women then by age, race, and income bracket and by mental health status. You must speak to the facts and not speculate on the basis of hearsay and the fantasy of the common press.

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Why Do So Many Men Want To Kill So Many Women ? (Just See The Headlines Every Day)

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