Is There A Female Version Of The Freemasons?

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spathiphyllum | 12:29 Tue 13th Feb 2018 | Society & Culture
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I found this link online.

I thought females were not suppose to take part in freemasonry? Is this a part of the 'official' freemasons?


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Yes, but it is a separate organisation and has no connection with the United Grand Lodge of England which remains exclusively male.
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So how can they use the same symbols and pretend to be part of the original freemasons?
Is There A Female Version Of The Freemasons?
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Women’s Institute?

I’ll get me coat.....
They are not part of the original masons. The signs, symbols and ritual are freely available to those who care to look for them. They are merely imitating masonry in the same way that the Girl Guides imitate the Boy Scouts.
Not the same as Girl Guides, at all. The Girl Guides was founded by Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts.
originally all the Larrys I know denied that there are any but of late there does seem to be acceptance that there are.
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It's suppose to be a secret ;)
There are some quasi-masonic organisations open to wives and daughters of Freemasons, such as the Eastern Star and the Shrine.

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Is There A Female Version Of The Freemasons?

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