First Dates At 70 Y.o. Dutch Hopefuls

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arjay | 05:39 Thu 14th Sep 2017 | Society & Culture
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She, a wealthy shop owner, selling expensive Leonidas chocolates, never married but in a previous relationship for 30 years. Split up about 5 years ago
He a widower, former co director, with his brother, of a chain of 10 shops in Amsterdam.
Both introduced by a reputable dating agency.
They are soon to meet for a cup of coffee. What questions do you recommend they ask each other, please?


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sugar ? lol

I don't think a first meeting should be an interrogation exercise .just exchange pleasantries and see if there is any spark... a few mins in each other's company usually is enough to know if there is to be a second meeting... questions are usually answered by conversation thereafter
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Thank you, murraymints
I would say relax..go somewhere you both feel comfortable don't try to impress.. wear smart comfy yourself ! even if leads nowhere it is the chance to have a pleasant day out so enjoy ! best of luck xx
Why did you bring your mother as chaperone ?
can I buy shares in your Company?

I presume they each have mutual interests which brought them together via this reputable dating agency? If so, then surely conversation would happen quite naturally?

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First Dates At 70 Y.o. Dutch Hopefuls

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