Does My Coworker Like Me More Than A Friend?

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Paulawestam | 05:53 Fri 21st Jul 2017 | Society & Culture
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They are super friendly, touchy, and outgoing with everyone so it is really hard to tell, but here are some examples of things that have happened with me.
All of these things happened on different days.

-Invited me to an event
-Said we should hang out outside of work
-Hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek when saying hi one time
-A lot of hugs
-Touched my ear when talking to me
-Hugged me and said they missed me during my week off
-Says hi to me more than once within a day
-Strokes my arm
-Calls me cute


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are they like this with other co-workers?

why not ask your co-worker?
Do you want them to like you more than a friend?
I take it co-worker is male?
I also take it you are female.
Not really relevant WBM ;-)

It seems like they might. Decide if you are interested and maybe take them up on the "hanging out" invite.
You say this person is super-friendly to everyone. I think that's it; he/she is being equally super-friendly to you. I think you might end up being disappointed if you were hoping for more.
OG I know! ;o}
If your co worker behaves that way with everybody (or even just to you if you haven’t encouraged it) I’d say they were creepy and inappropriate.

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Does My Coworker Like Me More Than A Friend?

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