My Life Is Ruined.

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chanmi24 | 17:51 Tue 10th Jan 2017 | Society & Culture
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School is ruining my life!! When i was in 1-4 grades i was so shy and i was a very good child because i didn't want to annoy my teachers. When i was in 5th grade i changed my school and in that moment i changed my school, my whole life started to change for sure, but slowly. Now i am in the 8th grade and i really hate my life because of school. I hate it! I have to stay 6 hours at school. 5 days!!!!!!! With that pieces of rotting flesh, i mean my f.......... teachers and that ***y 32 classmates! And so I waste my life in vain, instead of doing my hobbies which are something useful for my life! Anyway i do not learn anything because i hate the school objects and they are not useful in my daily life. My *** is better than my grades. My life would be so good if school wouldn't exist. As if it would not be enough. (the ***....). When i FINALLY (THANK GOD!!) get home, i have to do my f.... homeworks. I wake up at 7 am and i start school at 8 am. I finnish it at 2 pm. Da*n it! I'm so sick! Now i became depressed and tomorrow my vacation is ending so i have to fuc* my life at school! My clssmates are nothing but germs in addition to school and teachers. When i will be in 9th grade i will move to high-school (because this is only secondary school) and then i will meet another germs. I didn't hate my classmates at first. But when i was in 5th and 6th grades i didn't have friends because I make friends so hard. I was alone so they annoyed me so much. They were saying that i'm a freak and a ***. Teachers mocked me without reason, my mother went to talk to a teacher to stop mocking me. Then I didn't know how not to care about the *** that they were saying so i was very upset about their bad words. As i grown up i started not to care about them and now i'm a bit rebellious. Then they started to call me the "i do not want" girl because i don't wanna do what teachers tell me it is required. I contradict them. For them "to contradict " means "to not scratch teacher's back". But no! If teachers are unfair, i will not be that kiss a*s and i will not shut up and agree with them. I'm somewhat aggressive. For example when a classmate annoyed me i kicked his a*s with my foot. This is odd for a girl, or no? I don't know. My girl classmates do not punch or kick a*ses. I am trying to find quiet places at school only for me but i can't. Every fu....' small place is occupied by fu..... people! I shouldn't be there! I wanna stay home for God's sake!!! And all i want from teachers and classmates is to leave me alone and to not care about my life!!! But it is impossible. They continue this ***! I will stop tellin' you this s*itty things. Please give me some advice to survive to this.... school!


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You are very lucky to have teachers who are so willing to teach you and offer the pastoral care you are clearly in need of.

What do your parents have to say on the matter?
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Good advice - but you probably won't heed it - is to make the best of the things in your life, instead seeing the worst. Start by deciding to do the best you can for yourself. The world is not against you - you are against the world and I'm not surprised your teachers are reacting against your antagonism - the word is 'co-operate' to get the best of what is on offer. Violence of any sort is never an answer to anything. You need to get control of your own actions and reactions as a starting place. Only you can do this. Put the rebellion on hold - you have a long lifetime to go.

I seriously counsel you to consult your doctor as well.
Oh dear...... what exactly, if anything , are you planning to do in your adult life? Not much at a guess. Unless you can grow up a bit and approach your school and other people with a greater level of maturity you will find your future to be deeply dissatifying. It has been suggested that you see a docotr to discuss these negative attitudes to all that is around you (how do you feel about your family?) and maybe that is a way forward.
It is not unusual to dislike school etc in teenage years but most of us realise the importance of what school has to offer us and get what we need out of the education system to achieve what we need to in order to get where we want to be.
You are not forced to waste your lie but are being given the opportunity to create the foundations upon which to build well; if you take advantage. Whilst you fill your mind with anger against the inability to just do what you enjoy then, unfortunately, the more opportunity you will waste.

The problem is the way you feel and the attitude you cultivate. One thing I can assure you, it doesn't make things better to always be raging at something that you do not like; it feeds the anger, and things just get continue to get worse as you continue to feed it with positive feedback. The best route is to find the bits you can see are useful and concentrate on making the most of them.

I understand that school pupils can be unkind and some get the rough end of the stick, but what I state above still holds true. Ignore those who will not behave well, make friends with those who aren't so bad; but most of all don't let anyone distract you from the path that sets you up for a good career and life.

Spend you life refusing to cooperate and it will be tough. It's not because anyone is out to get you but everyone wants to achieve yet minimise hassle so coping with someone who refuses out of principle gives them no reason to get involved or help. And folk need contacts and help to achieve. You would be ruining your own chances.

The best advice I can give is to examine your attitude; it, more than others, are causing you issues. Try to find a way to view things from a different, more optimistic viewpoint to get your take on life to change for the better.
For some teenagers, school is very difficult to endure (I use that word, because for them it is an endurance).

You feel you know best (there is an old joke "Why don't you leave school now while you know everything, and get a job" which illustrates this quite well) and that school has nothing further to offer you. Unfortunately a lot of teachers are ill-equipped to handle this sort of difficulty and will, sadly, resort to mockery to try to combat it - which is like pouring petrol on the flames. Do you have any teachers who recognise and acknowledge your problems ?

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