A Solution Britains Prisons & Prisoner Reoffending

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dieseldick | 08:26 Wed 16th Nov 2016 | Society & Culture
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from someone who has spent over 12 years in prison i firmly believe that the government should make some prisons much harder for disruptive difficult inmates on the lines of supermax in USA , show them no mercy if they are involved in gangs, drugs , espesially for peadophiles, murderers . i personally think the death sentence should be brought back for peadophiles and murderers.

for inmates who can reform and are willing to reform then dont bloody lock tham up like a dog for 24 hrs a day ( it can only end one way ) have some forms of education, give them plenty of gym , what does it cost to let prisoners into gym or yard for much longer , im confused to why this doesnt happen more in uk prisons and surely it doesnt take much manpower to control about 50 men in a locked yard , electronic gates can let them in and out with the push of a button. this is essential to de stress and lets them take their frustrations out in gym. last time i was in prison there was a basic / normal / enhanced regime in place where as a basic prisoner had no tv, a normal prisoner had a tv but not too much gym and an enhanced prisoner had tv, plenty gym and association time at night allowing inmates to work their way up from basic to enhanced so i think a good system.


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I'm not disagreeing with you Eddie. Not enough staff for safe working let alone rehabilitation.

I do think a large part the problem is perception of the service that the general populace has. There is a big public sympathy for the Untouchable NHS. Chuck more and more money at it regardless but a service that purports to help make us safer in our beds and 'reforms' criminals and the budget is cut, cut , cut.

The questions I think should be how does the prison service get better public feeling. (IF) there is not much more money to be had for prisons how do we get the best out of it that benefits the most people?

I don't know but perhaps as a starting point the Open University should be made to work a bit harder in prisons as part ofsome sort of inventive or something ??

All good advice again but the problem is still lack of staff. Someone needs to supervise the education link to the OU. I worked unpaid as a volunteer but few people want to do it. The situation has got much worse since I was working in a prison 12 years ago I would not do it now! By the way I had to be supervised by a prison warder, volunteers are not allowed to work alone.
No easy answer. But you have to know what you want/need from the service before you can put a cost to it.

Enough properly trained staff is the first thing.
The easiest and the most cost effective way are the lashes and not the prison. Quick, painful, will stay in mind and would cost less.
We are fortunate enough not to live in a barbaric society, keyplus.

There must be something fundamentally wrong with people that want to do that for a living
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" The easiest and the most cost effective way are the lashes and not the prison. Quick, painful, will stay in mind and would cost less. "

this from the person who would accept sharia law . but arent i being hypocritical if i believe that child rapist and some murderers should be hanged and done away with .
Fine then, carry on doing what you are doing. What seems to be the problem then?
Keyplus your lot has been lashing people for 1400 years, it hasn't been much of a deterrent has it?
''some murderers should be hanged and done away with''
Tell that to this woman who spent 22 years on death row for murdering her 4 year old child!!
She has been found 'Not Guilty' and freed. Would be a bit too late if they had hanged her!

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A Solution Britains Prisons & Prisoner Reoffending

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