Someone That Can Help Me With Old Languages?

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CallmeA | 21:30 Tue 23rd Aug 2016 | Society & Culture
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Does anyone could help me or know a site or someone that could help me with old languages?
ya know, know somewhere that I can get in contact with some philologist, linguistic...
Thanks :)


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What language / languages are you interested in and for what purpose?
Translation ,study , history of, reading speaking the language. 'Old Languages' covers literally thousands of languages over hundreds of thousands of years.
I can only echo Eddie's answer. I'm reasonably ok on medieval English (but it depends on what period).
^ Yes language experts specialize in one or two languages and periods.
As Jourdain says an expert in 'Middle English' would not know about ancient Sanskrit text or Egyptian Hieroglyphics.
The Philological Society of London is an important body concerned with languages and linguistics. The Library of University College London has many books and journals connected with languages, but if you want to use that, or any other University Library, you will have to make your case to the Library's admissions officer. Or pay a subscription.
I recently discovered Langfocus on YouTube, have not seen many videos yet but what I have seen is fascinating. Seems if there is any language you are interested in, he'd know about it.

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Someone That Can Help Me With Old Languages?

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