If You Think You Have It Bad....

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wildwood | 21:24 Sat 19th Mar 2016 | Society & Culture
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maybe you should re-valuate your position in this word. Media URL:


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Try again, Wildwood.
Question Author
Media URL:
This should make the link clickable;_rdr
but, if it's the video you're referring to, people who're not logged into Facebook won't be able to view it, so here it is again

I'm not logged into FB and I can view it using the link I copied
^^^ Odd. When I clicked on the 'Play' button I was redirected to the Facebook login page.
ok I have had a few sherberts but if the shrink the words population to 100 ... how come there are 6500 other languages?

Just tried it again, no problem.
Me too Baldric, does that makes us 3 in a 100?
*but if you the shrink the worlds*
Question Author
Thanks Chris. Yes, facebook likes to keep peeps logged in so you can be 'treated' with adverts. still, without ads it wouldn't be free, same as A.B.

C'mon Talbot, you're not thick. You know the 100 is a representation of the world's population. You can hardly expect the clip to start dividing all languages up.

Anyhow, I thought it was interesting. Never dreamed I would be in the top 1% of world-wide earners.
//ok I have had a few sherberts//
Glad Im not the only one on here tonight then ;-)

I seem to have inherited that cloak from the Crosswords Topic!
Yes, anyone who has a modest property in Greater London is likely to be in the top 1% by wealth. I haven't seen the clip but suspect even the poorest person on benefits or pensioner would come within the top 5-10%. I recall that the figures are misleading though if they came from OXFAM since their figures suggest that even someone in a famine stricken area is nowhere near the bottom, because the least wealthy individuals included people in the west who have debts but nevertheless have a very comfortable lifestyle- eg 30% of US citizens and 25% of Germans
This is informative
I am a bit thick when on the pop, Wildwood. (and tired)

and some others excuses that I haven't thought of yet!
//I seem to have inherited that cloak from the Crosswords Topic!//

No Baldric Scojo wears that. It is made of 5 tabs on 3 devices.
I don't see anything unexpected there. No we wouldn't fight harder for equality but it'd be easier to sort problems out. No overpopulation helps. And individuals would tend to be grateful to move from parts of the world which can't support them and whose ancestors should never have settled there, and be willing to adopt a more successful culture. No herd mentality encouraging folk to force their demands on others instead.
And no; my position needs no reevaluation. I know I'm fortunate to be born in a richer area of the world, achieved by my ancestors. I'm aware other areas have a lot to do to stop squabbling and corruption and organise properly to improve their and the world's economy. I'm aware that even here things are far from great and politicians and merchants don't always take us in the right direction. Three steps forward and two back. And that there are a privileged few that have commandeered much of the world's wealth and are under the illusion that they're entitled to it. One can only hope they use our wealth wisely for the benefit of us all. But I'm not holding my breath.

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If You Think You Have It Bad....

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