Should I Go Ahead Express Myself To My So Called Aunt?

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kngts | 11:48 Mon 13th Jul 2015 | Society & Culture
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After unsatisfactory response on Yahoo Im putting here:
Im live in India , Im telling this in first line because below question may need to know the culture in India and barriers of relationships.
It has been several years I like our neighbor aunt precisely 10 years I like her. She is around 40 to 45 years n Im 32 years. I still find her sexy and hot but my intention is not to have sex with her at all.

She talked with me free share her family problems as well, I too share my issues with her since these so many years. Its not the case that we find solutions but we feel good (at least I) when I share I think she too. We talked around 1 to 2 hrs on various topics ..kind of general chit chat often weekly.

Her husband is died last year it has been more than a year she stay alone because her son always fight with her. But both stay in a same home.

She already shared that Im feeling a alone.

Im really confused and think sometime to say to her but sometime think I passed 10 years I can pass remaining as well.

So my question should I express that I like her since several years on not..because I don’t have any bad intentions but don’t know how she will react.


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so called she related to you or not?
12:47 Mon 13th Jul 2015
so called she related to you or not?
You could try asking her advice about someone you know who feels like you do about an older woman like her & see what she says. Good Luck
Unless we know why she is a 'so-called' aunt, it is difficult to reply. Age has nothing to do with it, if that helps. Nothing to stop you expressing that you simply like her, but she probably knows that already just by your being around and talking to her. As I said, we need a few more details, sorry.

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Should I Go Ahead Express Myself To My So Called Aunt?

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