How Would You Feel If Someone Hated You Because Of How You Look?

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AngelNicole | 03:20 Wed 26th Feb 2014 | Society & Culture
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How would you feel if you were hated and not treated with any respect because of how you look?


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i wouldn't give a damn. i am no oil painting, but i do, think and get what i want and that makes me happy. it's that sinple! x
I wouldn't like it at all, but if you are not the best looker in a group and are friendly and not self conscious people will like you for yourself, I am not particularly good looking my nose is the biggest of all my friends but no-one has ever said anything, and when I mention it they say no it's not. you need self confidence to not care what people think, but if you are young and bullies know your weak spots they will play on it.
Some unattractive people have great personalities that shine through, and beat the bullies that way. It's their problem not yours. As long as you feel you are feeling at your best and are confident in your outlook, never apologise for who you are.

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How Would You Feel If Someone Hated You Because Of How You Look?

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