Whay Happened To The Saint?

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heathfield | 16:05 Sun 16th Feb 2014 | Society & Culture
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In my day, February 14th was always referred to as 'Saint Valentines Day'. This year especially, I've been very aware that the word 'Saint' has been dropped by the media in their reporting, comments, and feature articles. Instead it's simply been called 'Valentines Day'. Can anyone think of a sound reason for this?


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^^Whay? What!
Maybe commercial interests see 'Saint' as excluding some potential customers.
Perhaps he was one of those saints the church decommissioned some years ago.
It's been unofficially called Valentine's Day for as long as i can remember. I can't think of anyone who calls it St Valentine, so maybe they are just going with the flow.
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// It's been unofficially called Valentine's Day for as long as i can remember //

Me too, and I'm old.
...and have a good memory
The Saint passed on up to Heaven.

Pavarotti did too - and on entry, gave St Peter an envelope with a letter in it to St Peter from the Pope.

The letter - "Here's the tenor I owe you." Pope JP2...........
Steve, a pretty poor one at that
But of all the actors who play 007 he stood head and shoulders above the others when it came to the eyebrow twitching.
'Saint' links it to christianity. But many commercial enterprises, card shops, restaurants, supermarkets want to market the day at everyone regarless of their faith and culture. So the religious connection is played down to sell to the wider public.
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I think you're probably right, Gromit. Thanks all.
I think that the mob murders in the late 20s is still called the St Valentine's Day Massacre.

Not that it comes up in conversation often.

But I think Sandy and Gromit are probably right, commercially speaking dropping the St opens up the market to all and sundry.

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Whay Happened To The Saint?

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