New Wrinkle Treatment - Heading For Trouble?

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joko | 02:44 Tue 12th Mar 2013 | Society & Culture
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Just seen this - whether it works or not i don't know, but do you think this may spark up a whole host of DIY disasters...?

people ending up with frozen noses, eyes, fainting etc, because they have sat with ice on their face for too long - or worse, managing to get hold of some extremely cold substance and trying it

there are cases of desperate people injecting stuff like cooking oil, bathroom sealant etc, into their skin, and ending up horribly disfigured ... and compared to that, this one probably sounds pretty easy to recreate for free...


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You could do this at home with a Mivvi, and enjoy an ice-cream lolly when your face was numb enough.
I have a bag of peas in the freezer that would do the trick. I shall follow this up with my usual moisturiser - lard.

Seriously, it is ridiculous what some people do, and they must have more money than sense.
it's alright for supermodels and nbility but some people need a bit of help.
Totally crazy, people who mutilate themselves for reasons of vanity deserve everything they get.

People need to learn to be content with who they are and what they look like. If they cant alter that by leading a more healthy lifestyle then live with it, or the fight to perfection will cause heartache for all concerned!
Can't be worse than the foul smelling stuff my (otherwise) dear Mrs puts on her fizog just before we climb into the nuptial pit.
Bravo Ratter!
I will keep the few wrinkles I have, ta muchly.
Wrinkles are a sign of maturity. Why are so many people unhappy with their appearance?
I have given up now. It is a fight against something which you are not going to win. May as well sit back and enjoy what you can, while you can and not worry about it. The only thing that really works is a face lift and who would want all that pain and pay all that money for something which might work, but then again, might not.
There are no cures for wrinkles, merely prevention by staying out of the sun; avoiding smokey atmospheres (pubs etc); good healthy diet with plenty of fresh fish; no alcohol; avoiding rubbing your eyes and pulling your skin about; smile less often (not recommended for your mental health though!).

I admit that my suggestions would not be popular but they work for me, and I am 42 later this year and have a smooth wrinkle free face; I am often mistaken for being mid-20s in age so I must be doing something right!
Shredder11, at 42 you should have a smooth wrinkle free skin. It does help if you lead a good clean healthy life, but just wait until you are 52 or 62 and then come back on and let us know if you still are wrinkle free. Then I would be impressed.

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New Wrinkle Treatment - Heading For Trouble?

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