Private All Mens Or Cigar Clubs, Why The Secrecy/privacy And What Do They Need To Hide?

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Jonnyjoseph | 14:39 Wed 06th Mar 2013 | Society & Culture
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On another forum we had a discussion and the private members/cigar smoker clubs came up and to be honest it all sounds a little shady and secretive.

They can't just be discussing the weather or news at these places and there must be a more serious ulterior motive as i heard these places are very hard to get into and you have to know well known established members and go through several initiation ceremonies to get in suspiciously exactly like the freemasons and illuminati according to my sources.

What goes on in these places and do you know anyone that has successfully infiltrated the private members/cigar clubs?


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boys will be boys I guess.....
Im sorry, we cant tell you, we would have to kill you if we told you!!!
Into conspiracy theories then ? Maybe sometimes folk just want to be where they feel they can relax away from the normal bustle of life.
Yepp! I am a member of one....always have been and it is "Men Only"

What do we hide..........not a lot.

What goes on?......snooker, bridge, chat (who's [email protected] who's wife), football, rugby, topics of the day.......well you know.

What is the "big deal?"
You know when you're a little boy and you hate girls because they're soppy and play with dolls and can't throw properly?

It's for people who never grew out of that.
ludwig......LOL.......right.......I'll let the "lads" know about that tomorrow lunchtime...........;-)
@ludwig....PMSL....indeed :D
I thought the term, 'Gentlemens Club', in Espana was a euphemism for bordello.
You've heard a load of rubbish then, Jonny. Several clubs in St James's are still men only. The rest which did admit women on special terms, or only allowed women visitors restricted service, fell foul of anti-discrimination law and had to treat women on equal terms. thereafter.

There are no initiation ceremonies ! The only requirements are that the candidate fits in, that he be proposed and seconded by existing members who know him, and, in some clubs, that he is not blackballed when his name is advertised as a candidate i.e, that no member objects to his becoming a member. Fitting in may be the hard part. Both the Carlton and Junior Carlton expect members to be Tories; they were founded to support what is now the Conservative party. The Turf expects you to have some keen interest in horse-racing and matters equine and Pratt's expects you to be a prat, though a well-bred one !
They all want to look at porn together privately.
Ah, but only in the Library, not elsewhere, and certainly not in the Reading Room, society. Clubs do have certain standards, you know.
I don't think they can smoke indoors anyway can they?
@ JJ You do seem to reach for the conspiracy theory before any other, JJ.

To be honest with you, i had thought that with the sex equality legislation and the ban on smoking inside pubs and clubs, such institutions as you describe would be more or less non-existent nowadays. If they are still going, the reason they may not advertise loudly is because they do not want to attract scrutiny :)

I think sqads answer ( with a soupcon of Ludwigs response) just about sums these clubs up.... :)
"JJ" ?

Hang on ... I haven't even contributed yet!
@ JJ oops, I meant the other JJ, the OP who should I suppose by differentiated from yourself.

I shall refer to him as JJ2, or Jj, or joseph from now on :)
sqad - do you have funny handshakes or any other type of shakes in your club ? idea.......all members seem to keep their hands in their pockets..;-)
oo oo I know your secret password sidle up to each other and mutter

"What' shakin'?"

I'lll get me coat.....
Look, we all know they just wear funny aprons and touch each other's willies, and then tell us that we wouldn't really understand it all.

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Private All Mens Or Cigar Clubs, Why The Secrecy/privacy And What Do They Need To Hide?

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