Private All Mens Or Cigar Clubs, Why The Secrecy/privacy And What Do They Need To Hide?

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Jonnyjoseph | 14:39 Wed 06th Mar 2013 | Society & Culture
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On another forum we had a discussion and the private members/cigar smoker clubs came up and to be honest it all sounds a little shady and secretive.

They can't just be discussing the weather or news at these places and there must be a more serious ulterior motive as i heard these places are very hard to get into and you have to know well known established members and go through several initiation ceremonies to get in suspiciously exactly like the freemasons and illuminati according to my sources.

What goes on in these places and do you know anyone that has successfully infiltrated the private members/cigar clubs?


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\\\\wear funny aprons and touch each other's willies,\\\\

Are you hallucinating again.......these are "gentleman's clubs and if we want our "willies" touching.....we will get selected women in to do it for us.

I thank that you are getting mixed up with Freemasonry......
I have been a member for quite a few years now and am still waiting for someone to touch my willy.

I may soon take to wandering about with it hanging out,(not that many would notice), although that may see my membership terminated.
Without any doubt I'm sure gentlemen adores a tender willie-stroke now and then.
Quite.If we call "Members, please be upstanding..." it's the loyal toast.
What's a cigar club? The only cigar 'clubs' in Britain that I know of are just clubs for buying cigars at a discount. They do exist in France as organisations which are more like proper clubs, holding meetings, but they are no more secretive or odd than French clubs for stamp collectors or numismatists.
Years ago we had good friend who had a pub. the bloke was a member of the local Masons. We went there one night to find his wife torn between hilarity and alarm because she had washed his white glove with some of her red underwear and he now had pink gloves. Bless Arthur, he thought it was hilarious and went to the Lodge that night resplendent in pink gloves.
It's just a bunch of egotistical arseoles being self-important and smug isn't it?
As long as they don't hurt or annoy other people, it really doesn't worry me what they get up to. Afaik it is still a free country. fooling you eh? You have got them "sussed" ......
Many years ago I was extremely honoured to be invited to an interview to join such a club.
You can't just apply for membership ... you need to be proposed, seconded and interviewed in front of the members committee, even before ever seeing the inside of the hallowed establishment as an honorary member.

This was truly a sanctuary .... all you would do is nod, and men would have their drinks served at their table, by a well groomed waiter. If all you wanted was a glance at the financial times, it too would arrive on a silver tray.
You would never have to mix with commoners .... and women were most definitely not allowed to enter the grounds of the establishment.

Rules are rules ......... It was men only.....

Apart from strippers night ...!

True story squad... perhaps you were a member ...?

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Private All Mens Or Cigar Clubs, Why The Secrecy/privacy And What Do They Need To Hide?

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