Why Do We Take Photos?

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rojash | 14:47 Thu 07th Feb 2013 | Society & Culture
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Wasn't sure where to post this...
I had an e-mail today trying to flog me this bit of software:

So: if you take a photograph of your friends/family, do you want to be able to look back one day and be reminded of what they looked like, or would you rather have a collection of photos of plastic dolls?


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I can't see plastic dolls on that link?
I guess having them all stuffed and lined up along the hallway and up the stairs is a little creepy as an alternative...
I think that is rubbish for family photos.
Oh yes you can! Have a look at the after photos. They are so unreal.
I can do that on Ms Photo Editor
I get your point Rojash but there are people who will want this facility.
People pay fortunes for 'makeover' portrait sessions.
I love to look back on photos even really old ones.
My friends and family generally take a good photo. I take a hideous photo and would much rather go down the plastic doll route for myself!
I'm with China, I have horrible skin (very pale, scarred and slightly spotty even at age 44) and would much rather hide it in photos using editing software.
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"I have horrible skin (very pale, scarred and slightly spotty even at age 44) and would much rather hide it in photos using editing software."

But then what's the point of a photo that doesn't look like you? You might as well just collect photos of random strangers.
It's still you rojash, just a better version :c)
Well, I'm no 'plastic doll', but I do admit that when I sent a copy of my passport photo off to get an ID badge (for the work I occasionally do), I ran it through Photoshop first!
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Blimey Chris!
I'd be waiting for the sound of a battering ram at the door after that admission.
I can see the benefits of touching up. I recently had a lovely photo of me taken at my son's wedding. Unfortunately, it was a very windy day and my hair was sticking up. I would have thought, in this day and age, that the wedding photographer would have sorted it out but no.
I use such software to improve the quality of a picture not often to change a persond features, although I have quite often photoshopped a face of someone that is going on an ID for instance or being displayed publicly but only to remove a spot, add a bit of a smile or maybe to freshen up the appearence of a boring looking photo, these are not photos that would be used for remembering a loved ones face etc. I think there are lots of reasons for taking photos and lots of reasons for editing them also.
It's to remember the event, the individuals; the perfection or otherwise of the picture is less important, it is just a memory jogger. But I can understand folk wanting the photo subjects to look their best. Not sure I could be bothered though. But it's a nice pastime for some.

So you got spam and shared it here ?
My favourites and most asked for are making people look a bit younger, losing a wrinkle or two, improving complexion or opening up the eyes a little, some people do go over the top though.
Why would you want to remove freckles. Stupid. Hitler would probably have loved it.

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Why Do We Take Photos?

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