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locusts | 12:28 Tue 01st Jan 2013 | Society & Culture
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truthabounds . it seen as to me, they(nonbelievers) saying we are brainwashed ,with our faith and without thinking ability., this is not true.
I wish to cleanse my mind with clean water and then see the road ahead. ( those nonbelievers) if these nonbelievers are still living in stagnante water. They will not that the sense of it. Yes there are many mysteries and unknown questions to be answered within the good book, he (god). But I do believe in one thing that the creator is Omniscient ? And many people like me also believe this to. kjv..The quotation from Danel 12 1.5 .so all things will not be revealed until the end of days.? And with all their knit picking and disbelief is understandable.


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Truth maybe abounds - but spelling,punctuation and grammar seem to have fallen by the wayside.
Patience, Neveracrossword. I think it's clear that English isn't his first language.

Locusts. //But I do believe in one thing that the creator is Omniscient//

If you're talking about Jehovah, which I presume you are, he isn't. Read the bible.
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you may have had a college degree and was well educated at school. But at least you got the point. I left school when I was 14 and had to go to work to him help support my family , so I did not get a college degree, so therefore please do not criticize spelling or punctuation and grammar. think you.
I'm an atheist, locusts, but I still admire the way you have put your thoughts together. Spelling and grammar does not matter as long as you are sincere.

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I find the scripture in Daniel 12 v 9 & 10 to be appropriate here.
Quote: And he went on to say: “Go, Daniel, because the words are made secret and sealed up until the time of [the] end. Many will cleanse themselves and whiten themselves and will be refined. And the wicked ones will certainly act wickedly, and no wicked ones at all will understand; but the ones having insight will understand

As you will find out, this site has many atheists and many who don’t have a faith in God. But I am thankful that my mind is “made over” and I no longer have to fear the teachings of the churches.

For example as a teenager I was fearful of hellfire. Having been taught from an early age that those who are wicked go to burn in hell, every time I did something I knew I shouldn’t have it worried me. It was only when I was in my late 20s and began to study the scriptures in earnest that I saw things in a different light.

Have I been brainwashed? Yes I have from the false teachings of religion and the “anything goes” attitude of the world.
Well what denomination do you belong to Locusts? but I think I have a fair understanding of the Bible. You quote Daniel 1 v 1 – 5. Hmmm. I thought this referred to the resurrection. Correct me if I am wrong.
Locusts - sorry if I offended you. In my own naive way, I looked at your post and expected to find a question, a moral dilemma maybe. I was, and still am, rather disappointed.
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Batexia Well what denomination do you belong to Locusts? but I think I have a fair understanding of the Bible. You quote Daniel 1 v 1 – 5. Hmmm. I thought this referred to the resurrection. Correct me if I am wrong. this referred to the resurrection. Correct me if I am wrong.

locusts My apologies for the wrong quotation it should read it Daniel 12.1.5 and also another quotation from Daniel 8.26
yes you are a correct there is a referred from regulations 10 4
locust, do you only believe in one specific god, or do you respect all gods? Could you point me to some tangible proof that your god exists?

Funny isnt, our very lives depend directly upon something we cannot see!. What is that Wildwood? The air you breathe. Without it, we would die in a few minutes. We cannot see the air, but we certainly know that it exists.
Honesty tip #1: don't pretend to be more than one person on a website
Goodlife, but we can demonstrate that it exists. Poor analogy. Try again.
Naomi-no need to,I am not blind.
Foxed eh? ;o)
If you are not an Atheist how do you decide which of the many faiths to follow ?
How can you decide? Well, how do you decide whether to trust people you meet especially on here? One thing is sure. It is very difficult to have real trust in anyone about whom you know very little. Only as you get to know people well do you learn over time if they are truly honest and trustworthy. You can get to know the Bible in the same way. Do not accept without question speculative or even prejudiced theories that undermine confidence in the Bible. Take the time to consider the evidence that supports the Bible’s claim to be “inspired of God.”
Back to the cut and paste again; you really ought to give folk on AB a little more credit than that, goodlife:

Here's your source and, everybody, looks where it comes from. How surprising.
Thank you DT you think you are a clever boy, but you're wrong again.
I did not copy & paste from this site. But there again, saying that, it is a very good site. What a shame you don't read it all and take it in.
No, you copied and pasted exactly the same thing from another site. You're not to be trusted, Goodlife. ;o)
goodlife, your analogy is even more flawed that even naomi points out. You can see air if you liquefy it, as companies like BOC (British Oxygen) do every day.
Even in its normal state you can feel it, watch it keeping aircraft in the sky, and hear it in the wind.

Water is also vital to life, but in its gaseous state it is also invisible.

Bad thinking as usual, goodlife.

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