What is wrong with some people?

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Captaincrunch | 16:33 Thu 22nd Nov 2012 | Society & Culture
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Me and missus were invited to a friend of hers and at some point i wanted to use the toilet so was pointed upstairs. As i walked upstairs i heard "WAIT!" and he friend came running past me and closed the bedroom door and apologised before scurrying back downstairs. My missus later told me that she's just private.

To be honest as i walked to the toilet i glanced at the bedroom and carried on to the toilet before the friend came sprinting up the stairs and it looked clean, basic and there didn't appear to be anything embarrassing but then i only glanced.

This has led me to this question, why oh why are people happy for you to come into their homes, see their kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms but yet are embarrassed to show them what usually is the best looking room in the house?

Example- "Hello ( Insert friends name here ), i'm happy for you to see where i relax, where we eat, where we relieve our bodily fluids/solids but we just can't have anyone see where we sleep!"

^See how ridiculous that sounds?

personally i'm proud of my bedroom and after the downstairs tour i'm more than happy to show everyone my bedroom where the magic happens.

Are you one of these people that are ashamed of showing people your bedroom, if so why and do you let guests into other parts of your home where embarrassment isn't an issue?


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Nice to see a variety of opinions, rather than the usual one-sided views.

Mrs.WW doesn't like other to see the bedroom either as she is forever bawling me out for not shutting it behind me in case we get visitors. I couldn't care who sees my bedroom, what's the big deal?
maybe she had a shrine to you in the corner of her bedroom...
I think it's more odd wanting to show guests your bedroom. It's our private place and if I want to leave my knickers on the floor it's not for the benefit of visitors.
If I'm tidying up because guests are coming, I usually chuck everything in the bedroom lol. I don't let anyone see it ha ha

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What is wrong with some people?

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