medical treatment for homeless people in USA

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Snafu03 | 14:15 Wed 26th Sep 2012 | Society & Culture
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what provision is made the medical treatment for homeless people in the USA? As they have no free medical service.


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This might help Snafu

14:19 Wed 26th Sep 2012
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thanks maizie. some interesting reading there, 15% of americans dont have health insurance, homeless or not.
happy to help...I'm going to have a read myself now. x
We shouldn't really moan about our NHS should we?
Think what that means in absolute numbers - US has a population of around 350 million? I think. 15% is equivalent to around 45 million people.

I have traveled extensively to the US over the years on business, and, given the wealth of the country I have been shocked to see.

I have seen 100s if not thousands of people queueing up overnight in the hope of getting a free basic health check from a charity - some have traveled 100s of miles in order to attend. This, in the richest country in the world.

Its a salutary reminder of how lucky people are in the UK having the NHS.
Totally agree LazyGun. My Daughter lived in Cayman for a while and health costs were shocking. She had to come home to have her 2nd child. Not a problem if everything went well but IF anything had gone wrong it would have run to tens of thousands. We do take the NHS so much for granted here
The problems of the homeless in U. S. and how they are solved are largely dependent on where they live.......The most I have seen them given is a cot in a homeless shelter and sometimes they are limited in the the number of days/nights they are allowed because of the demand. Now this presents a problem in the the colder sections of the country and freezing to death is not unheard of in some Northern cities. There are no easy answers for the problem as mental illness/alcoholism/drug addiction are often involved. It all comes down to the cost.

The number of homeless familes and children are increasing with the economy situation.
(I live in U. S.)

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medical treatment for homeless people in USA

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