Bully at school. PLEASE HELP!

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johnklien | 02:05 Tue 14th Aug 2012 | Society & Culture
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I am a huge fan of Science.
I have never really believed in a god, simply because i have never been shown tangible proof of god.
Don't get me wrong, I really, really do want to know if there is a god but i cant just believe it unless i know for sure.
So, i have dedicated my life to the study of Physics. I am only 16 and i already have a good amount of collage credits and have already been accepted into a great University once i get done with High School.

Okay, What has been bothering me it this.
A few days ago i read an article about this young white couple who were sexually mutilated, raped repeatedly, cut up into pieces and then set on fire.
Then i saw a comment a guy made about how "white genocide" is happening.
I immediately thought to myself that it is completely ridiculous because everybody knows that only white people can be racist.
But i did what i do every time i want an answer, so i can Debunk the theory.
I searched every single inch of the internet and found nothing but evidence, and i mean Completely logical evidence that the large majority of the world, including a large majority of none whites in america, all support the death of the white race.
Not only that but it is pretty much proven that in the coming decades there will be absolutely no white people at all on the face of the earth.
Don't get me wrong, i have always been on the Democratic side of things and i totally support Equality in full. But if you look at what is happening with all the immigration laws and affirmative action movements you will see that more and more none whites are becoming hostile with white.
I admit, this sound like lunacy, but i cant prove it wrong.
There are more and more minorities everyday joining the Black Hebrew church (which is a church that supports white genocide) and people joining the Muslim brotherhood. (which also supports the death to anyone who does not believe in their god)

I have not been able to focus on any of my school work because of the thought that one day i will be killed because of my race.
I lost all interest in learning due to the fact that i can not be reassured that i am not in danger.
I always wanted to start a family and dreamed of giving my kids a good life but now i will never bring a child into a life where he could be killed.

And worst of all, Most scientist who devote there life's to trying to figure out the meaning of life and bring truth to this world are white men.
I am not being racist i swear, i was not raised that way. But i am so worried that these men will die or be killed and no one will replace them and the whole world will back track.
That all progress in the past will be ended.
Just look at human history... it has almost happened before.

Can someone please for once, Someone who is not a white supremacist or a Black supremacist, Someone with knowledge who will give me a far analysis of this.
Will someone address this to people like me and my friends who also are suffering from low moral and depression because we suddenly feel like its not important to educate yourself because you are going to die anyway.
I am tired of worrying JUST please look around on the internet and somehow help me find an answer.


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ho hum....I'd just ignore....self seeking troll !!
I don't believe this post at all ! There are three possibilities.

1. It's a send up. 2. johnklien is a paranoid attention seeking young man who should see a quack before wasting our time.
3. It's genuine in which case 2. still applies.
pah hahaha!

oh dear, surely a troll is generally supposed to light the blue touch paper and stand well back, putting in minimal effort and watching whilst people bite and post essay length responses ... not write out idiotic, longwinded and far too tedious essays themselves!

must try harder john - poor effort... rather than waste all our time you have just wasted your own..hahah
Maybe it's a reverse Troll writing out essay length rubbish while everybody laughs at them!
Dear John. Just to clear things up in your mind. It matters not if you are black, white, yellow, or sky-blue pink, we are all going to die anyway.
Death is colourblind.
whats any of this got to do with a bully at school?
I think he/she pasted the wrong thing from their clipboard.
The above post was on as was another post with the "Bully At School. PLEASE HELP!" title

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Bully at school. PLEASE HELP!

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