Santa and God.

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flobadob | 23:51 Sat 17th Dec 2011 | Society & Culture
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Why is it that some people believe in God but they don't believe in Santa. What is the difference between them? Surely so long as people believe in both of them they are as real as each other.


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If Mummy and Daddy tell you, when you're very young, that God and Santa both exist, you're likely to believe them.

If, at around the age of 8 (?), Mummy and Daddy, tell you that Santa doesn't exist but that God really does, you're likely to revise your belief in Santa but to continue believing in God.

It's called 'indoctrination'.
Because adults who believe in such things are not rational. The sad thing is, they are taught to be irrational. Before they can even talk, children are christened. Before they can write they are told stories and act them out on stage. They pray at assembly and are taught hymns and carols.
Nice to see the pubs have shut early!
God is real no matter what.
One down, perhaps . . . and one to go.
Santa is real no matter what.

God....... just remind me again?
God has the bible to support him, santa only has the argos catalogue..
boild eggs tast like snot but mom sed it was gud,I new she lie and santa was her bf
I am not religious, but your question seems inherently ridiculous.
I believe there are those who were never religious in their lives who underwent a "conversion". How many, I wonder, were converted to a belief in "Santa Claus" in later life :-)
These false comparisons are really the curse of serious thought.

Whose reindeer's antlers are those popping out of your toaster by the way?
You've got it the wrong way around flobs, Santa is real and God is a fairy tale.
Absolutely wildwood, I've seen santa lots of times, nobody even knows what the other guy looks like(unless they are all dead).
As anyone who's IQ is larger than their shoe size will tell you, all religion is compete cobblers. However most saints where in fact real people. Saint Nicholas of course is one of the most famous. Leaving aside MIT's calculation of his delivery system he does serve as fantasy for our children. Beyond the religious uses he is in fact famous for other reasons, the pawn brokers balls for example. To summarise St Nic is a real person "God" is not real except in the minds of the weak and foolish.
Can anybody pinpoint for me when British tradition lost it's Father Christmas i.e. when his mantle was taken up by the US creation (based on Dutch folklore) Santa Claus?

My guess is sometime in the 1980s.
Santa. Change the letters around and you have Satan.

God. Change the letters around and you have... er... dog?

Hmm. I believe in neither. My children, on the other hand, believe in both.
It's a total lie, but what can you do???
Oh no, you can't be serious!! No Santa?? Next you'll be telling me there's no Tooth Fairy. How could you be so cruel?
because santa is good and god is bad.

everyone knows too much of a good thing is bad for you so santa gets the elbow.

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Santa and God.

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