Why do people prefer to believe lies about God?

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Truthabounds | 08:55 Mon 03rd Oct 2011 | Society & Culture
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In the short time I have been on this site, I have found that many people believe the lies that are told about God. These lies are usually perpetrated by the very ones who are supposed to teach us.
The most common lies are:
God is a mystery
Does not care about us
Is vengeful
Is unfair
He accepts all worship.
Of course there are many more which will no doubt raise their ugly heads during the course of this discussion.


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The biggest lie I see on here about God is that he exists.
How would we know they are lies? Different people believe different things - each to their own.
don't come ringing my doorbell
"Why do people prefer to believe lies about God? "

I don't know, ask the Christians why they believe in all this stupid nonsense!!
Discerning what you consider to be 'lies' from what you see as 'truth' depends on the flavour of religion you adhere to - or not.
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"But, be not deceived, I am a vengeful God, and my vengeance shall be poured out upon this sinful and unrighteous people. My word is sure, and the vials of my wrath shall be poured out upon the evil of this earth."

So, apparently, Truthabounds, god himself is perpetrating these "lies"
Beacuse the 'truth' (whatever that is) is too awful to contemplate?
"many people believe the lies that are told about God."

isn't that how religion started
This is a little like asking why people prefer to believe lies about Harry Potter...
<<<resents being called a div and what I believe in being called stupid nonsense.
Absolutely noone on this earth knows the truth about 'God' 'Gods'. We all have our own beliefs about the existence of a god or gods. There is no proof of anything so how can there be lies!
OOPS.....JTH.....what has the bible got to do with Harry Potter?......O yes I get it now.....they are both works of fiction.
Annoys be Lottie that those of us who do believe (ok, im not a devout, but i don't disbelieve) are looked down upon, sneered at and called names- person who called us a div up there as an example.
I agree BOO. I am not a believer (well actually more agnostic than anything else), but I do respect that some people are. Intelligence has nothing to do with it either. I have friends that are devout believers and others who are out and out atheists. We all get on together!
Exactly lottie - each to their own, as long as they don't try to turn me to their way of thinking.
So why do some people think its acceptable to call us divs?
Response to mungbeanz who said: Well, if god did exist he certainly doesn't care about me. I prayed that I'd win the lottery once. Didn't even get one ruddy number.
God is a mystery? The only mystery is why a load of divs go to a church to sing songs to a figment of their imagination.

You contradict yourself. You say that God is a figment of some people's imagination - and yet you have said you prayed to God to win the lottery! This is supposed to show you that he doesn't care about you - just because he didn't answer your prayer the way you think he should have (God has Yes AND No in his vocabulary too! (and often 'Wait') and since he cares about you very much, - even though you don't think he exists - oh except when you want something - he obviously knows that winning the lottery is not the best thing for you - many people who have are still not happy and many even say it ruined their life.
it was only one person. maybe they should explain.

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Why do people prefer to believe lies about God?

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