why would they follow me?

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crisgal | 15:07 Tue 10th May 2011 | Society & Culture
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i am a member of a few market research companies - you know the type that pay you for doing surveys etc?
I got the following invitation today but it sounds a bit bizarre!

"I am writing to advise you about a project for which Saros is currently recruiting; based upon the information you gave us when you registered with Saros you may be able to take part.
The project is about Mobile Broadband Research. The 3 hour session will involve you being 'shadowed' at home, at work and/or on route to/from your place of work. The interviewer will ask you questions but will also photograph and video your belongings and environment (home/office/cafe/train etc) and observe your behaviour. The sessions will take place on Tuesday 17th or Wednesday 18th May 2011 . The incentive payment will be £125."

It's certainly the highest paid I've been invited to, but unfortunately, I don't live in the right area. My question is, what on earth can they learn about mobile broadband by shadowing me and photographing my belongings?


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I'd imagine to see how when and where you acCes broadband while mobile?
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yeah but why would they need a pic of my ugly mug?
mmm...sounds odd...the fact that they say they will photograph your belongings sets off alarm to me...i dont see how thats relevant and could be kind of casing the order to come back and rob the place - they would also then know when you are out...

check with the company, check its a genuine email and not been hacked, and check out saros

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why would they follow me?

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