elton john`s doggy

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queencharlotte | 08:37 Sat 07th May 2011 | Society & Culture
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Am I the only one to have seen a large advert in the Times wherein the Great Man seeks a diamond encrusted tiara for his pooch, up to £4.5 million? Joke, perhaps, but I`m surprised the Times accepted it in that case. Anyway, what a tight wad only prepared to spend that measly sum on his Maltese terrier.


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I don't see the Times - have you got a link?
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N, but good morning, nice to hear from you
Well thats one dog that will never find itself in a rescue home or being cruelly treated. Good luck to him, if he has the money.
Putting a bit back into the economy, obviously.
4.5 million on a gift for a dumb animal?

EJ needs to get a grip on reality, too much money and not enough to spend it on

He'd be better giving it to charity
he gives to charity as well.
poor old Reg. whatever he does he gets critised, I love him to bits tantrums and all, but putting a tiara on a dog is cruel even if its come from the pound shop.
I admire Sir Elton, wackiness and all. Buying a multi-million tiara for his dog is his personal affair. But to advertise it? I find it in poor taste.

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elton john`s doggy

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