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Political Party Websites

Political Party Websites If you’re looking for information on a party or a policy then visiting a political party website will provide you with plenty of information. Visiting a party’s website can also give you a great insight into who they are, how they work and what they stand for. These websites a...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Celebrity Gossip Websites

Celebrity Gossip Websites She did WHAT ! He’s dating who They didn’t, did they If these sound like questions that are often blurted from your lips then you are, like many others across the globe, addicted to celebrity gossip. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know at le...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

50 Top Job Website Links!eefmd www.j...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Plastic Surgery

We’re constantly being told we’re too big, too thin, or too tall, too short- with the added pressure of perfect celebrities being paraded in the media, on TV or in magazines it’s no wonder people turn to plastic surgery for the answer.   Perfect vs. Imperfect: When you hear the words plast...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

Size Zero Culture

Celebrities and fashion models have a huge influence on admiring young women who want to be just like their idols. So when celebrities such as Nicole Richie starting losing weight and reaching the ‘fashionable’ size zero - of course it became the new phase which thousands of people tried to reach, with six ...16:37 Mon 24th May 2010

London Walks 'Offer Great Value For Money' For UK Holidaymakers

Sometimes we need a holiday with a difference. The old sun, sea and sand can get tiresome year in and year out. A new type of break has been highlighted recently and is just interesting enough to be worth a look. A UK holiday which includes the London Walks attraction has been recommended as offering good "value ...16:36 Mon 24th May 2010

Finder Of Secret Treasure In Scotland Could Bag £10,000

Although stereotypically seen as cold and wet Scotland can be a great place to go on holiday if you are not interested in the weather. It has a long and twisted history with many characters and intrigue. Now, it seems, there is an even more compelling reason to visit one of our closest neighbours – a £10,0...16:36 Mon 24th May 2010

What are the biggest cities in the USA

Funny you should ask, Ii just happen to have a list with me here... The top 50 cities by population*: 1 New York, (New York)2 Los Angeles, (California)3 Chicago, (Illinois)4 Houston, (Texas)501:00 Tue 20th Aug 2002

What's happening to the real Hogwarts

A. You mean the Tyntesfield estate, near Bristol, home of the late lord Wraxall. It is not, contrary to popular opinion, the real Hogwarts School of the Harry Potter novels - but its spires01:00 Mon 29th Apr 2002

What's the newest listed building

A. The Express Lift Tower in Northampton, which was opened by The Queen in November, 1982. It was only 17 years old when ministers used special powers to list it as a building of unusual interest.01:00 Mon 29th Apr 2002

Who were the Beaker Folk

A. Our ancestors, identified by the archaeologist John Thurnam in the late 1860s. Q. Why beaker A. Thurnam, examining the skeletons from the barrows - burial mounds - of Wiltshire around the01:00 Mon 22nd Apr 2002

I'm interested in buying a Titanic souvenir. What do you reckon

A. You're not going to get much unless you want to pay big money. For example, a passenger's gold-plated watch that stopped as the ship sank has just made 19,800. The item was among 316 lots01:00 Mon 22nd Apr 2002

Who was Typhoid Mary

A. Mary Mallon, an Irish immigrant cook, who etween 1900 and 1907 infected 22 New Yorkers with typhoid fever through her puddings and cakes. One of them died. Mallon moved from household to01:00 Mon 22nd Apr 2002

What's a Dartmoor postbox

A. Nothing to do with the Royal Mail. It's a hobby that requires a map, a compass, walking shoes, an ink pad, paper and plenty of patience. Ah yes, and you need to be on Dartmoor. Q. You're not01:00 Mon 22nd Apr 2002

Who brought the first Indian takeaway to Britain

A. Traditionally, the first was Veeraswamy's of Piccadilly in the early 1900s. The first, however, was a curry house opened in London by Sake Dean Mahomed a century before. Q. Who was he A. A01:00 Mon 15th Apr 2002

Who was the 'British Schindler'

A. A modest but accomplished British diplomat called Sir Ronald Hugh Campbell. As the Ambassador to Lisbon in the Second World War, he saved the lives of about 1,000 Jews by issuing them visas to01:00 Mon 15th Apr 2002

Who was the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo

A. His name was Joseph Jaggers - although the vaudeville song probably pre-dates his achievement at the casino in Monte Carlo in 1873. Q. Who was he A. A cotton mill engineer from Yorkshire,01:00 Mon 15th Apr 2002

Who's likely to be the next Archbishop of Canterbury

A. At the start of the race when Dr George Carey announced his forthcoming retirement, the answer would certainly have been: the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, Bishop of Rochester. Not any more. The man01:00 Mon 08th Apr 2002

The great cynic is no more

A. Yes. The film-maker Billy Wilder has died aged 95. His gifts for writing and directing led to such classics as Sunset Boulevard, Some Like It Hot and Double Indemnity. He collected three Oscars01:00 Mon 08th Apr 2002

Where was the Queen Mother born

A. A house called The Bury in the village of St Paul's Walden in North Hertfordshire.Q. Surely it was Scotland A. No. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was generally regarded as a Scot. Indeed, in 193701:00 Mon 01st Apr 2002

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