Do you too have a local nutter?

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secretspirit | 23:15 Mon 08th Nov 2004 | People & Places
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There is this mad old man who lives down the road I have to walk to and from work down and he drives me mad. A few weeks back he was absolutely miles ahead of me and shouted at me 'It's polite to say good morning you know', and I was pretty shocked so I just mumbled it at him. Today I was on my mobile talking to to my husband and the weirdo started saying to me 'I'm not going to say goodbye to you and I'll tell you why'. I had to tell him twice that I wasn't going to talk to him and rushed off but he still wasn't shutting up. I find him really creepy because he stands in the same places for ages waiting for victims (today it was by a zebra crossing which must have made a lot of drivers happy). It really stresses me out seeing him, which is especially annoying at the moment because I'm pregnant and trying to stay calm. I'm dying to say something really evil in reply to this man but I'm trying not to.


Do you have any 'fun' local headcases? Do you think it's worth reporting them to the Police if they get abusive or is it just a waste of time?


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I agree wuth Fakeplastic, the police would be a bit harsh (they woul donly see the brownie points), the guy needs help and this care in the community thing souns great- ive never heard of it before though a shame really because there was a man down our way called 'Tony-beep'- he'd been knocked down as a kid and after that spent his whole life running in front of cars forcing them to stop, and then yelling "beep your horn", once they did he would thank them and let them pass. eventually the inevitible happened, he was knocked down and killed, i just wish there had been someone around to help him instead of just ignore him !

There really is a man down our road who thinks he's Elvis! He wears blue suede shoes, and all the Elvis kit. If you say "Hey Elvis give me a song" he'll suddenly spring into action!

There's also the Pigeon man, who cycles everywhere wearing a hat made of pigeon feathers...cooing at passers by.

We also have Big hair woman, she's about 80 & wanders about wearing a wig that seems to be growing. It's about 12 inches high & appears to have a life of it's own.

Maybe it's something in the water round here...

We have one in a neighbouring district where I do my shopping sometimes, he's quite cheery, he thinks he's a cowboy and shoots folk with his fingers pointed like a gun, no sweat, we just shoot back, but we must keep missing, he never drops down.
Iv'e just remember we have one locally who sings to us all on the bus at the top of his voice, he's not too bad and can hold a tune, but his repetoire is limited, after several journeys the novelty wears off

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