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georgit79 | 11:12 Mon 25th Oct 2004 | People & Places
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Following on from an answer given in the News section, does anyone know how many Britons own passports?


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I can tell you almost exactly, because - after a recent discussion in the pub on this very topic - I contacted the HQ of the Passport Office. Here is their reply:


"Thank you for your recent letter dated 13 August 2004, to the UK Passport Service regarding the number of British Citizens who hold a valid passport. 


I can confirm that in the last ten years (1 April 1994 to 31 March 2004), 47.5 million British passports have been issued by the UK Passport Service and a further 4.1 million by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), who issue British passports to British Nationals Overseas."

I trust that answers your query. Looks like well over 80%.

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Thanks Quizmonster, brilliant reply.

Ha ha to those Americans who thought we'd be at a similar percentage.

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Although, having just written that, I feel bad, because it is of course much easier to travel abroad from GB than it is from the States...I guess we all want to escape more than they do!
You would have to reduce this figure by about 2 or 3 million in order to account for natural wastage (i.e. those who have died since).  WVNBIVDB
and add for new applicants bernardo
There would only be very few new applicants since 31st March  GSTQ

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