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poppy | 15:16 Thu 20th Nov 2008 | People & Places
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I've been asked to do a quiz with an american theme for this weekend. It's aimed at adults. Any suggestions for questions (with answers) would be very welcome. I've done about 10 and need about 10 more.Just run out of ideas!


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Not knowing the theme or the questions you've already created, let me offer the following:

1. In the all-American song, Yankee Doodle, what was the name of the feather stuck in his hat? (Macaroni)
2. After the 13 original Colonies, which became the 14th State? (Vermont)
3. What is the Declaration of Independence? (Official declaration of Independence from Great Britain)
4. When was it signed by the Colonists? )July 4th, 1776)
5. The 13 red and white stripes on the American flag denote what? (13 original Colonies)
6. What is the Bald Eagle on the Great Seal carrying in his mouth? (A ribbon enscribed E Pluribus Unum).
7. What is the oldest military academy( Army's West Point started in 1802).
8. On the original American flag why were the 13 stars sewn in a circle? (So none of the original colonies would be viewed as being superior to another)
9. Who achieved the right to vote on August 18, 1920? (Women).
10. Why is the White House (Presiden't residence) so painted? (In 1814 the invading British troops {War of 1812} set the original on fire and it was so damaged by smoke that on re-building it was covered in white paint to make it even more brilliant).

Bonus: The first National Park was established in 1872... which was it? (Yellowstone National Park)
Bonus ^2: On the bottom of the Great Seal is enscribed MDCCLXXVI...what does it mean? (1776 in Roman Numerals defining the birth year of the nation).
Good luck! (I live in the U.S. , by the way).
Question Author
great answer, thanks. I am able to use most of these and you have really helped me, much appreciated, cheers
(2-part post):

How about a nice easy (?) multi-choice question to get your quiz going? (A good quiz should always have plenty of questions which allow for 'guessing'. Otherwise competitors can get frustrated by a string of questions to which they don't know the answers, and can't guess).:

Q1: Many scholars now believe that America was named after Richard Ameryk, rather than after Amerigo Vespucc. Which country did Ricard Ameryk hail from? England? Scotland? Ireland? or Wales?

A1: Wales

Here's another one which allows for a bit of guessing:

Q2: How many US presidents have had the same initial for bith their forename and surname?

A2: 3 (Wilson Woodrow, Herbert Hoover & Ronald Reagan).

However, if I was asked to write a quiz with 'an American theme', I'd be looking beyond national history.

I'd be seeking to include something like this question:

Q3: Which singer won $5, and a free ticket to all the fair rides at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair, on October 3rd, 1945?

A3: Elvis Presley.

'Sequential' questions are good:

Q4: What happened at Max Yasgur's farm in August 1969?

A4: The Woodstock festival


Q5: What didn't happen on a farm near Grover's Mill, New Jersey on 30th October 1938, but still caused alarm across large parts of America?

A5: A Martian Invasion. (The broadcast of George Orwell's "War of the Worlds', in the format of a news report, caused widespread panic).
Don't forget geography:

Q6: Which state includes the easternmost point in mainland USA?

A6: Maine

Completely different:

Q7: Which broadcaster presents the programme 'A Prairie Home Companion', which is transmitted weekly on 580 radio stations throughout America, as well as being broadcast (under the presenter's own name) on BBC Radio 7?

A7: Garrison Keillor


Q8: Which actress married baseball star Joe DiMaggio and playwright Arthur Miller?

A8: Marilyn Monroe

Well, there's a few for starters ;-)

Expanding on Buenchico's Q.6, here's one that most Americans can't even answer correctly...

Which of the US states is the most northerly, which is the most southerly, which is the most easterly, and which is the most westerly?

Alaska is the most northerly, and the most westerly state. The catch is that it's also the most easterly state! Semisopochnoi Island, at the end of the chain of Aleutian Islands belonging to Alaska, is at 179�46'E.

And which is the most southerly state? Not Florida, but Hawaii.
4 US States with "New" in the name?

New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, New Hampshire
How about:

Where in the US would you find the inscription which reads "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, ...

A Statue of Liberty

What is the state capital of Florida?

A Tallahassee

Which state has the largest population?

A California

Which state has the only royal palace in the US?

A Hawaii

Where was George Washington when he was inaugurated as the first US President?

A New York

The battle of Gettysburg was fought in which war?

A Civil war
The Civil War...pedantically, since we've only ever had one... However that presents segue to another question for you: In the Battle of Gettysburg, which is in Pennsylvania and one of the most important engagements of the entire 5 year war, the southern troops under Robert E. Lee arrived from the north while th Union troops, under General George Meade, arrived from the south.. . Total casualties over three days was near 55,000...
Question Author
Just to say thanks for all the ideas for questions and that the quiiz went really well last night and enjoyed by all the club members who took part. Couldn't have done such a good job without your suggestions & i am really grateful, Thanks again
I think the A in A Civil war stood for answer, Clanad, as in
Answer: Civil war

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