Perth, Scotland - good place to live?

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purplepoodle | 20:06 Mon 02nd Jun 2008 | People & Places
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Myself and my partner are considering moving to Perth in Scotland (currently living elsewhere in UK).

Have read good things about it but not visited, just wondering if anyone has any personal experiences/opinions of it?

Any relevant comments welcomed!


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Hi purplepoodle! I live near to perth and went to school there! it is ideal for visiting the surrounding countryside, has some good shops,bars, restaurants etc., and is fairly close to glasgow and edinburgh ( lots of great shops and stuff to do in both) I suppose it depends on your lifestyle and needs. is it perhaps possible for you to visit on a weekend break? it might give you a more realistic picture of what the city has to offer.
Hi to both of you, I am (as I type) packing up to move back to Perth lol - ok im having a coffee break !

I lived there 17 years and loved it, came back to west coast for family reasons, now going back as I miss it soooooo much.
Much easier lifestyle than the city, cleaner air quality, quieter and laid back. Major supermarkets open 24hrs and its such a compact wee place that nothing is too far away.
It has a lovely big new concert hall, dying to get inside that! and some boutique type shops you wont find anywhere else.
Aaahhhh Perth here I come !!!!!
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Hi, thanks to both of you for your answers!

Would like to visit for a weekend but am currently living on the Isle of Man and it's not the easiest/cheapest to get to the mainland.

I suppose the main things I'm worried about would be availability of jobs (I work in insurance/banking) and the crime rate. I know Glasgow is pretty bad but Perth seems to be less so?

Neither of these things are a problem over here (lots of jobs and low crime), but then there's the major disadvantage of being stuck on a boring island in the middle of nowhere!
missy purple, perth is like stuck in a time warp its lovely! crime stats below average!!!
Tell you what, subscribe to the Perth (Friday) local papers for a month and it will give you all the jobs and the news.
The main two are The Courier and the Perthshire Advertiser. hire-advertiser

I subscribed to both when I moved back to west coast of Glasgow. It costs around �4 / month for each.
My daughter moved there a few weeks ago-we are just a few miles from there -it is one of the most vibrant cities I have ever had the pleausre to visit -even contemplating living there myself -not a time warp at all puddi -have you been there lately??Best of both worlds -she steps out her door and she is in the hub -yet a 2 minute walk and ahe is at the North Inch on the banks of the Tay -one minute from the new concert hall and a wee toddle across the South Inch from the Ice factory -she loves it and she is safer there than the small town she came from -little wonder it was voted the best place to live in the UK just a few years back -I love it !!!
Yeah Dris, I cant wait to get back up there, only a few weeks now !!!
Good on ya hun -maybe bump into ya sometime once youre settled x
Yeah maybe do that, I went up on Monday and met up with loads of folk I knew had coffee overload lol
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Hi, thanks for all the responses, it's been very helpful!

All being well we'll be moving there in September, looking forward to living somewhere with a bit more life to it!

Although, I left Perth just before my sixteenth birthday, I have never stopped longing to go back there. Anyway, I went there for three weeks this spring & was astonished by how friendly & well mannered everyone was. It was like the “Truman Show” but totally sincere!!! No wonder I hated it when we moved away. Added to that, the nearest stunning wilderness, rushing water & Highland cow are only a short drive away. Many people in Perth moaned about the growing traffic congestion but having lived in Worthing for 26 years, I was absolutely astonished by how little traffic there was. I am seriously considering going back there but need to check out the night life first. I do know that the Megabus makes it cheap & easy to go to Edinburgh for the day.
Hi just wondering did you ever make the move to Perth we are currently trying to decide between there and the isle of man. Would love to know if you went and if so how would you compare the two.

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Perth, Scotland - good place to live?

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