Safest Countries in the world?

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tlcw | 17:43 Wed 11th Apr 2007 | People & Places
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Does anybody know which countries are the safest on the planet in terms of murder, crime, violence etc? Also, which are the safest cities?


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I think Singapore would come close to being top of the list.
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australia or iceland
I think you'll have to be more specific..

Countries with a very low population will tend to have a low crime rate (fairly obviously).

But that means it's not really a fair comparison. If you want to know which is the most "law abiding" you'd need to look at figures per 100,000 inhabitants for example.

If you want to know the safest place to walk around in you'd want to look at the raw data.

There are murder figures per 100,000 here: ap-crime-murders-per-capita

UK's 46 out of 62 in that list - Qatar's at the bottom and Columbia is unsurprisingly at the top.

And the total figures are here: e-murders

India is most murderous ( big population of course ) and Qatar at the bottom. UK is only 18th there.

So Qatar wins on both tables but there was only one murder in the figures so you only need a couple of court cases to go the other way and the pack'd be shuffled at the bottom of the table - India however would need 8,000 fewer murders to slip off of Number 1.

Of course this still doesn't tell you how safe they are to walk around in because you don't know what proportion are crimes against strangers.
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I assumed that all the data was just given as a percentage of population, such as number of prisoners -: 2% etc,.

Thanks for the help!
I know I'm late here - but I can find no data for recorded crime on the Antarctic.

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Safest Countries in the world?

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