Update on the pink jacket

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beenee | 20:14 Tue 23rd Dec 2003 | People & Places
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Ok now a friend of mine told me that she saw exactly what I'm looking for in the Next Directory for Summer/Spring 2003. Unfortunately she doesn't have the catalogue anymore and I need the item code for the jacket to see whether it is still avaliable. It's a long shot but I wonder if any AB users still have the directory lying around from which they could search out the item number for me.

I have to say: I know that they're are people homeless and starving and dieing all over the world while I am going mental over a jacket - this is not typical of me and I promise, I'm not a shallow person :0)


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Hi again Beenee...this might mean that your could be very lucky....Next have a small amount of shops called Next to Nothing where they sell off past seasons clothing at good discounts.....there used to be one in Sauchiehall St. in Glasgow so it might be worth having a look about (or asking in your nearest Next branch) and seeing if this is an option.
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great! will ask about for that. Many thanks sft!
Hi, I was just about to chuck it this morning but remembered looking at this thread last night. Let me have more details and I'll try and find the jacket for you.
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Right, it's a 3/4 length (mid-thigh), suede/suedette jacket, in a dusky pink colour.

I do hope you can find it, and thank you!

OK, there's a Pink Suede Coat on p106 but it's pretty much full length - 45". The item code is M98082X31, price �225.00. It has a belt (of the bathrobe type). On the model it comes just below the knee. There's only one other Pink Coat and that's a canvas mac - also full length. There is a "Neutral Suedette Mac" (sand/beige colour) that is 3/4 length - 39", item code M94533X31 �79.99. This is exactly the same style as the Pink Suede coat but shorter and comes just above the knee. Hope that helps.
Just read your previous thread and didn't realise the level of your desperation. Go to 001.jpg for a pic. (Hope you've got broadband) If that doesn't work try
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Starsky I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help on this! The longer pink coat you searched out is almost exactly what I was looking for! Thanks so much. I will call Next first thing tomorrow morning with the item code to ask if it's still available in stock.

Thanks once again for going through the trouble of uploading it onto your site! I will keep you posted.

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Update on the pink jacket

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