Fancy dress costume ideas...

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secretsquiz | 13:15 Fri 26th Sep 2003 | People & Places
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i don't really know which category this question belongs in, so i thought here would be as good a place as any...

i'm going to a fancy dress halloween party where the theme is 'victims'. can anyone suggest a costume for me to wear?

i'd quite like to go as a victim from a movie, but i don't want to go for the easy option of just squirting tomato ketchup on a t-shirt and say i've been shot or stabbed!

any ideas?


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You could go as that fella out of Alien who had the litttle alien come out of his belly.
You could dress up as half-human, half-fly from the film........ the Fly!
I'm really hoping you're female otherwise this won't work - so humour me. How about going as not your usual 'I've just been killed' kinda victim. My sisters flatmate went to a fancy dress party (there wasn't a theme) and she got a red dress and had blonde hair anyway, and she sprayed about half a can of hairspray and gel to spike up her hair at the front - she looked exactly like Cameron Diaz in There's Something about Mary and everyone thought it was hilarious. Victim of humiliation maybe? :)
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I was thinking along the same lines as our Tartie. Someone more a victim of their time - someone famous now whom we pity or a martyr, maybe St Stephen and do the Monty Pthon stoning skit.
I once went to Hallowe'en party as a Suicide. Huge gash across my throat, and pale make up with red lippie... it was great cos i didn;t have to hire a cossie at all...
Go as a victim of fashion (take along a few easy to squash up hats and constantly change hats during the party when talking to people). Or go as a victim of fastfood ..stuff a cushion up your front and generally pad out and carry a McD's menu in your hand. Victim of love ..broken heart....could also be incorporated with the suicide option above. Get a big plastic nose and go as Barbra Striesand...she says she will not sing "victim" songs anymore similar to victim of love thing above. victim of the digital age.deck yourself out with a cd walkman tape walkman with both sets of headphones, mobile phone , watch, gameboy, mp3 player (again with headphones), and a couple of remote controls and sky digital progame listing ...have them sticking out of your pockets...could also be used with the fastfood victim ...pretty horrible eh!
OK, this isn't any more offensive than any of the other answers posted so far! If you are male, you could go as President John F. Kennedy, or even President Abraham Lincoln. Both were murder victims...assassination. Those would at least be simple costumes: a suit, tie, and thick brown hair for the first one; 1860s-style suit, top hat, and beard for the second one. If you want to be gross, you could add the bullet hole.
I was wondering if you could go as a battered wife, they are real victims in this day and age but you would of course have to be female to carry it off, though there again maybe not!
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thanks for all your responses!

unfortunately i'm a bloke, so i don't think battered wife or cameron diaz are appropriate (besides i don't have the figure for it!).

i've decided on a really cool costume suggested by a friend, but it's a bit of a tenuous link to victims.

i'm gonna go as leon (a victim of his own human sensitivity!). i'm gonna wear a long coat and carry a bb gun borrowed from a mate and carry a potted plant around all night!

Dracula,The Mummy,Frankensteins Monster,These were all victims because you had people that either wanted to kill them or they were killed.Michael Myers from the Halloween movies he also was a victim because Dr Loomis wanted to kill him.

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