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strozzi | 09:33 Tue 23rd Sep 2003 | People & Places
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Would it be correct to ask a question in this form, or would it be breaking the rules of ruling regime ? ��� ������������ ������ ���������. �� ������������� ����� ������ �������? I would prefer responses in English. Thanks.


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�� ����� ������, ���� �� ������ ���� ������
Yes, Smorodina I agree, and think that it's a pity that not everyone will be able to join in the fun. I haven't seen anything in the rules about it and , as you say, only time will tell.
Strozzi, I'm sure that it is correct or possibly so. I enjoy the humour of it as well.
Perestan' mne jabat' mozgi svogimi voprosami !
Sorry that I couldn't put this directly into English Strozzi, but I hope that it makes sense to you.
�������� ����� ������ ����
Yes it is a bit of fun and I can't see any harm in it. As others have said it's what made answerbank different from the rest. And I don't blame those who have left, but I think we should stay and keep up the pressure for a more relaxed attitude here. BTW, answerbonk, are you sure that's not on the list of banned words!
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How do you do that?
I meant post in Russian not walk off in bemusement.
Well, to actually see the cyrillic letters on this page, for example, you go to the view menu, encoding (think it's on the tool menu on earlier IE. And to write with cyrillic characters in the control panel, regional and language options, or keyboard, add language on older IE. Dont' know the variants for other browsers. ��� ��
Wish I hadn't asked now.
I know.
Half the answers have disappeared and it looks like I'm talking to myself. Weird!

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Russian linguists

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