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manutdstott | 12:43 Tue 02nd Sep 2003 | People & Places
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Jodie Marsh or Jordan Jodie Marsh or Jordan who is the the babe and why my favourite is Jodie because she isn't plastic who is your fave. let the voting start


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Me think Jordan, so theres a bit of false boo boo's but she's actually a nice bird/personality wise she seems as sound as a pound.
God sorry to be a spoilsport but neither......Sharon Corr for me!!!
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Or Sam Brown......Or Gillian Anderson.......Or Alyson Hannigan....Or Debra Messing......Or Mellisa Joan Hart....Or Sarah Michelle Gellar.....Or Mira Sorvino.....Or Shania Twain.....Excuse me please...I have to go now and lie down quietly in a darkened room.
Gotta be Jordan, when you take all the rubbish off her (inc. falsies) she is a very beautiful women with a fantastic set of pins...yum
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I could go on forever naming babes who are much better looking and talented, but because theres so much of them in our papers lately of the two bitching each other. if you could pick ONE of them as the sexiest, and it would shut them both up who would it be.
If we're talking purely looks, then I don't think Jodie Marsh is at all attractive. Pre-all the lip and boob ops and hair extensions, I think Jordan was a very beautiful looking girl and even though I think she's ruined her looks, she's still more the more attractive of the two. Jodie has only managed to get the publicity she has by touting herself as being Jordan's rival, not because she's a particularly good model.
neither - they're both useless worthless bints
NOT jordan - unless she wears a rucksack.
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