Should there be a public holiday for St. Andrew's day?

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saintee | 16:19 Thu 30th Nov 2006 | People & Places
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Every year, the same old argument of whether November 30th should be a public holiday as a result of it being St Andrew's day, rears its head in Scotland.
My own opinion is that it should not be a holiday. The reason for this is that undoubtably, the Scottish Assembly would not simply create a new holiday but replace an already existing one with St Andrew's day on Nov. 30th. Now who in their right mind wants a holiday at this time of year when it gets light late, dark early and is generally dull, dreary and dreich (couldn't think of another weather adjective beginning with d) instead of a cheerful Spring or Summer holiday?
Simply looking out the window today confirms my opinion on the weather!!

How does anyone else feel about this? I appreciate it would't affect anyone in England, Ireland, Wales or anywhere else but I would still value your opinions!


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maybe you could do like you do with the queen's birthday - set up a fake St Andrew's Day in midsummer. It's not as if anyone has the faintest idea when he was born or died. What would actually be required would just be for Scotland to change its official national day; and isn't that what you have that nice new parliament for?
don't see the problem with having a day off in November - would be quite happy with a bank holiday now. In fact, I think we should have one every week! or maybe 2...
I've no problem with it as long as we can also have
St George/David/Patrick in the respectiive countries as well
How about April 16th? spring in the air key date in Scottish history - Brilliant ;c)
Well JTP I suppose there's a first for everything, I agree 16th April is an excellent day for it!
I thought St Patricks day was a holiday in Southern Ireland?

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Should there be a public holiday for St. Andrew's day?

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